What if I were to tell you that there is a band out of Mumbai, India that has heavy riffs and they sing explicitly about sex and debauchery?  That band is Overhung and on February 16th, they released “Moving Ahead” via Test Your Metal Records.

Overhung is composed of Sujit Kumar on vocals, Howard Pereira on guitars, Crosby Fernandes on bass, and Sheldon Dixon on drums.  Overhung has had several career highlights including playing several rock and metal festivals over the years in Mumbai.  Based on societal norms, they have been ridiculed and criticized heavily in the media in India for their lyrical content and antics, however, they are taking their record contract with Test Your Metal Records and their love for rock and preparing to conquer North America and the rest of the world.

“Moving Ahead” starts off with the track entitled “Sex Machine”, immediately, the listener will notice the versatile playing of Pereira on guitars, and that their transitions are pretty seamless.  It is off to a decent start, it’s hard to tell whether or not their lyrics are meant to be tongue-in-cheek or are really glorifying the rock and roll debauchery lifestyle.  The voiceover of the woman moaning in pleasure really makes this kind of a cheesy song and it really interrupted the flow of the music.  The next track is entitled “Insane”, again the musicianship is doable, but the voiceover of the man’s maniacal laughter really takes away from the song in the instrumental break, plus this song is way drawn out.  I see Overhung as the band that rights snappy radio hit rock songs, not a band that dabbles in progression or jam sessions.

One major highlight of the record is “I Don’t Believe Her”.  I really enjoyed the blues tinged bass(although from a production standpoint I would’ve had the rhythm section stand out more) and Pereira wails on the guitar.  The voice message voiceover somewhat takes away from the song during the bridge, but it really picks up.  This song is a serious highlight of the record by Overhung.

Overall, I would’ve had this band make some straight up rock radio songs, they know how to make a catchy song with catchy melodies and choruses, and tasty guitar riffs.  From a listener standpoint, I felt that Overhung was adding too many ingredients in order to make the recipe work.  Sometimes, a song could be too drawn out in one moment, sometimes adding that extra ingredient makes it cheesy and takes the song quality away, and other times it just needs to focus on making monster riffs instead of being experimental.  There are highlights as this band has some talent, don’t get me wrong, however, sometimes adding extra can end up being too much and because of this, Madness To Creation rates this a 6 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Sex Machine
  2.  Insane
  3.  Waiting
  4.  I Don’t Believe Her
  5.  Through The Slime
  6.  Waste
  7.  I Am I
  8.  Must Drink
  9.  Casual Bitch
  10.  You Think You’re So Cool

Fans can find Overhung at the following locations:



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