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Out of Boston, Massachusetts is a five-piece melodic rock band that recently released their rock ballad music video for “Stars”, and that band is Silent Season.

Silent Season is composed of Jeremy Rae on vocals, David Pappalardo on guitars, Brendan Sheehan on guitars, and Anthony Puliafico Jr. on drums.  They have taken their melodic edge to their rock sound and pound out some heartfelt lyrics and songs that tug at the heartstrings.

Lyrical Content:  This is a love ballad that describes the longing for that special someone and willing to do what it takes to either make things right in the relationship or willing to show that someone how much that they are loved and cared about.

Video Content:  The video is a performance video in large part which it looks like the performance is spilled out onto the screen in an abandoned apartment complex.  There are several symbolic parts in the song.  The first part that shows symbolism is the chain-link fence that separates Jeremy from the woman in the video.  Jeremy’s facial expressions of desperation really enhance the storytelling in the song.  The woman does a great job of expressing her gratitude in the video as her staring longingly into the sky in the abandoned building while walking slowly towards the lead singer showcases that moment where us single guys scream “yes! he is no longer friend-zoned!”, well, that’s what I screamed anyways!

Review:  Overall, this is a solid video that has some important shots in the video.  What I liked is that Silent Season stayed within their budget and a high quality video was produced.  In terms of the song, I had to give the song a few listens, however, it grew on me with each listen, mainly because it’s a heartfelt song that shows issues that we all go through in our lives.  Silent Season does an excellent job of portraying that into their music and in the song.  This band is for fans of Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, with a Five Finger Death Punch twist(in terms of the heaviness of the ballad).  Madness To Creation gives this video a solid 8 out of 10 stars!

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