Gabriel and the Apocalypse have been flying under the radar with their sensual mix of goth rock, industrial, and pure full-on attitude and sex appeal in their music.  Their music, while appearing seductive in the music videos, always brings profound issues to life.  For example in “Thrill For The Kill”, while appearing to be glorifying the BDSM lifestyle, Gabriel and the Apocalypse bring about the issue of animal abuse and animal testing when it comes to the products that we buy.  In “Behind the Sun” Gabriel and the Apocalypse certainly bring another issue to light.

Lyrical Content/Arrangement Content:  The song has quite a melancholy feel to it.  Gabriel and the Apocalypse brings about the issue of loneliness and depression when it comes to destructive relationships.  The song seems to have that desperate feeling of not wanting to be alone, and the uncertainty of it all when the relationship fails.  The keyboards and the guitars in the song provide that lonely and brooding feeling, while Lindy Gabriel croons in that magical voice that she possesses.

Video Quality:  The symbolism brings about a whole new layer to expand upon the story behind the song.  With the band being from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the video takes place on a sunny winter day, and there is something about the winter season that magnifies those feelings of loneliness and depression.  Lindy Gabriel sitting alone in her black dress at a table for two is another symbolic point in the video.  In the ending of the video, the viewer will notice the tombstones in the background with Lindy on her knees as she takes off what appears to be a promise ring.  The tombstones display two names and it appears to be talking about the ending of a relationship.  The letter with the ring on top of it closes out the video.

Review:  The song showcases a more intimate side to Gabriel and the Apocalypse.  If you are already familiar with their music, “Behind The Sun” allows the listener to peel away another layer to this band that certainly shows a more sensitive side to this band.  If you’re not familiar with this band, this is one of their softer songs, but it showcases how intricate their arrangements are and that Lindy Gabriel is one of the most underrated vocalists in all of rock music.  In this song, she sounds broken yet determined to have that will to carry on, which enhances the story behind the song.  For this heart wrenching song that grows on me with each listen, Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10 stars for the song and the quality of the video!

Currently, Gabriel and the Apocalypse is providing support for Mushroomhead along with Vyces, VentanA, Align The Tide, and Blood Sun.  Check out tour dates below.

Sunday, May 27th- The Cabooze in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuesday, May 29th- The Forge in Joliet, Illinois

Wednesday, May 30th- The Annex in Madison, Wisconsin

Thursday, May 31st- Route 20 in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Friday, June 1st- The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse also has a one-off date on Saturday June 2nd at Nikki’s in Sturgis, Michigan.  For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find Gabriel and the Apocalypse at the following locations:

ICYMI:  Check out our interview with Lindy Gabriel and Jake LaCore of Gabriel and the Apocalypse while they provided direct support for Wednesday 13 and Invidia last summer here!

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