It has been an eventful year for alternative rock upstarts Modern Maps.  First, they get signed to Rise Records, then they are releasing their major label debut entitled “hope you’re happy”.  This record will ensure that Modern Maps have a very bright future ahead of them.

Modern Maps is composed of Trever Stewart on vocals, Dominick Hall on guitars, and Matthew Hall on drums.  They take their songs of heartache, misunderstandings, mistreatment and combine them with a mix of alternative rock, emo, and kind of a new wavy poppy type of band(you will just have to listen to understand).

Their songs are full of allusions, metaphors, and symbolism.  Take the song “Shot You Down”.  Based upon the lyrical content, “Shot You Down” sounds like a risky game of Russian roulette, but it turns into an argument, and the story offers so many twists and turns into the song.  The chorus is as catchy as all get out, as the chorus is ingrained into my brain, but it tells a unique story that seems to have the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution component.  This is unique songwriting in the sense that each song feels like a short story in the song.

The guitars, keys, and where Trever comes in on the vocals sounds really creative in the track “Reflective Glass”.  There is something about the lyric “run until your body elevates”, that just sounds really cool because it picks up right as Trever sings that lyric.  It talks about how we need to throw caution into the wind and set yourself free from the daily grind of life.  Sometimes, we need that moment to reflect and to ponder where we are exactly at in our lives.  I love the chorus as it has a Movements feel to it and I like how the drums and keys gradually have the song pick up.

Modern Maps are whimsical, write painstaking heartfelt lyrics, and are abstract in their art.  Modern Maps music is art as a whole as Madness To Creation is here to remind you not to sleep on this band with a 8.5/10 star offering!  Check out the music video for “Nightfall” below.

Fans can find Modern Maps at the following locations:

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