The word “Reiði” means “rage” in Icelandic language.  There are many different forms of rage.  Rage can be uncontrollable over one’s emotions, rage is overwhelming, rage is that righteous anger against the obstacles of life.  Although this isn’t necessarily a concept album, United Kingdom’s own Black Foxxes explores rage and it’s many forms in this March 23rd release via Spinefarm Records.

Black Foxxes is composed of Mark Holley on vocals/guitars, Tristan Jane on bass, and Ant Thornton on drums.  Mark Holley did what it took in order to push himself as an artist for this record.  While exploring Iceland, Mark began the foundations of this groundbreaking album “Reiði”, Mark found what he loved and what he had a burning desire for, and that is the art of self-discovery, whether that means finding new places or discovering new things about himself.  Mark also goes through an anxiety disorder and Crohn’s Disease, and he also writes about those experiences in his music.

Black Foxxes wanted to push the boundaries as far as possible with “Reiði”, and they felt a liberation in their music as a result of this.  While Mark sounds like a tortured soul in his lyrics and he sings as if he took a sledgehammer to the chest to conjure up the emotions, Black Foxxes really pours their heart and soul out into their music as in the opening track “Breathe”.  The song reminds me of that moment where something big is going to happen and you take a breath before that moment arrives.  The listener will certainly have to take a couple of breaths in order to prepare to be immersed into the greatness that is Black Foxxes.  I immediately notice how patient they are with their ability to sustain their arrangements and to practically lull the listener into a comfort zone into the song before it starts picking up like a roller coaster that’s on the ascent before the climatic drop.

The album picks up a smidgen with “Manic In Me”, and the way Mark sings “I’ve got to get out of here”, really showcases that anxious feeling one gets when they desperately need to get out of a predicament.  Again, how Black Foxxes sustains their rhythm and melody, and how patient they are to allow the song to build is an art form in of itself.  Black Foxxes does this while sounding completely raw and with their emotions exposed for the world to hear.  The single “Saela” really showcases that moment where it picks up to a total climax before the song comes crashing to the end.

“Float On”, the album closer showcases those career-defining moments for Black Foxxes.  Fans will remember when Black Foxxes began to turn the page in their career as this song exemplifies the heavy emotions behind the song, along with tying the loose ends together by explaining the different forms of rage, before the song comes crashing down on the listener in a resounding crescendo.

This album will leave you crushed as Black Foxxes take your emotions and smash them with a sledgehammer in every single song on this track.  This is one of the few albums where I’m stunned and speechless.  10 star masterpiece for Black Foxxes!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Breathe
  2.  Manic In Me
  3.  Saela
  4.  The Big Wild
  5.  Oh, It Had To Be You
  6.  JOY
  7.  Am I Losing It
  8.  Flowers
  9.  Take Me Home
  10.  Float On

Black Foxxes will be making a few festival appearances this summer.  Check out the festival dates below.

Sunday, June 3rd- All Points East in London, United Kingdom

Thursday, July 12th- 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Friday, August 10th- Boardmasters Festival in Newquay, United Kingdom

Saturday, August 18th- Musikfestwochen Festival in Winterthur, Switzerland

Wednesday, September 19th- Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany

Fans can check out Black Foxxes at the following locations:



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