Out of Toronto comes a band that is looking to incorporate a whole lot of blues, a whole lot of classic rock with a post-grunge effect to it, and that band is One In The Chamber.  Recently, One In The Chamber released their music video for “Bills To Pay”.

One In The Chamber is composed of Mike Biase on vocals/guitars, Cecil Eugene on guitars/backup vocals, Christian Dotto on bass/backup vocals, and Gerrod Harris on drums/backing vocals.  They are certainly making a name for themselves in the Toronto scene playing the major venues and festivals there and they have also shared the stage with the likes of Derek St. Holmes, Darby Mills, Dreamkiller, and also opened up for Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts at Scott’s final performance before his death.  They are going to be releasing their EP sometime in 2018.

Video Quality:  I definitely like the performance video of the song “Bills To Pay”.  It really shows the camaraderie between the band and it gives off the vibe that “if there is a stage, they want to play on that stage”, which is critical for any upstart band to have that vibe.  I like the smoky club/bar that they’re playing in, which showcases that whether it’s 10 or 10,000 people, One In The Chamber will certainly rock your face off!

Song Review:  I really enjoyed the classic rock vibe to this song.  “Bills To Pay” kicks in with a memorable guitar riff that will get stuck in your head.  Far too often in today’s modern rock scene, there has only been a small handful of memorable guitar riffs, and as a result of this, the song doesn’t become nearly as memorable.  If “Bills To Pay” get on the right platform, this could be destined to be a hit because of that!  I like the moxie and attitude that frontman Mike Biase shows in the video and in the song, and I appreciate how the song transitions into a bluesy chorus.  “Bills To Pay” is a very catchy and snappy song.

Madness To Creation gives this song a solid 8 out of 10 stars.  It’s a song that if you’re cruising on the open road, you’re going to crank up the stereo and just jam out.  Sometimes we need music that we can just jam out and have a good time to and One In The Chamber is prepared to provide us with those feelgood moments.

Fans can check out One In The Chamber at the following locations:





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