Recently, Phoenix, Arizona’s own American Standards released their ominous single entitled “WEEP”, which was recently premiered on Decibel Magazine.  The four-piece certainly will tear you limb from limb, and leave no remorse about it with this single.

If you’re missing out on the sounds of old-school Josh Scogin-era of Norma Jean or The Chariot with odd time signatures, dissonant guitars, and all around chaotic hardcore, then American Standards is prepared to wake you up and remind you that chaotic hardcore/mathcore is here to stay.  American Standards unleashed this song after a trying year.

In 2017, American Standards released “Anti-Melody”, after that release, the founding guitarist committed suicide and the vocalist’s father was diagnosed with cancer.  They have taken this single entitled “WEEP” to remind the listener to overcome your personal challenges and to remind the listener that they shouldn’t allow the past to determine the present and the future.

Video Content:  The video seems rather ominous.  I would venture to say that the demonic red mask has to do with letting the demons of the past consume the person instead of exorcising them and releasing them so the person can feel liberated.  The playing cards could mean addictions to gambling and the heart necklace could mean the addiction to a dysfunctional relationship.  The way the video was shot was impressive in the sense that it felt like one of those old psychedelic films where a character is going through a hellish nightmare.  That camera effect enhanced the storytelling to the video.

Song Review:  There is a side to me that loves experimental chaotic hardcore/mathcore music and American Standards does it to where the songs sound ominous and the experimentation with the complex guitar licks and the odd time signatures in the rhythm section make it to where it just makes sense.  I felt like old-school Norma Jean and The Chariot did it to just be doing it in order to sound different, however, American Standards does it to where it makes the song flow as it’s meant to.  That takes a special talent to do that, and “WEEP”, while sounding dark and ominous also showcases glimmers of light and hope throughout the song.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else American Standards offers as Madness To Creation gives this song an 8.5 out of 10 star rating.

On Friday, June 8th, American Standards will be appearing with Genesis Company, Lo’ There, Trust Your Gut, Strelitzia, and Ghostmother at Fifty-One West in Tempe, Arizona.  For tickets and further information on the show, click here!

On Saturday, June 30th, American Standards will be providing support for Silent Planet, Comrades, Dropout Kings, and Outsiders at The Green Room in Flagstaff, Arizona.  For tickets and further information, click here!

Fans can find American Standards at the following locations:

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