It’s been five years since Age of Taurus’s debut release and couple that with a new lineup change, Age of Taurus is ready to incorporate their stories of medieval fantasy and history with their latest album entitled “The Colony Slain”, which was released in May via Rise Above Records.

Out of London, United Kingdom and Oslo, Norway, Age of Taurus is composed of Toby Wright on vocals/guitars, Leo Smee on bass/synths, Darius Claydon on drums, and Daniel Knight on guitars.  In the production and writing process of the album, Toby promised that there will be fresh perspective and new experimentation with sounds since Leo and Daniel joined Age of Taurus.

Age of Taurus does a great job of incorporating doom metal with a New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound into their repertoire.  “The Colony Slain” will showcase Age of Taurus as a band that will continue to evolve their sound, which will certainly make their fans appreciate this offering.  The doom/sludge type of metal is incorporated in “The Trial of Blackwynn Chaise”, which showcases the snail’s pace style of rhythm and guitar work that allows for sensory imagery of the demise of Blackwynn Chaise.  The album showcases elements of thrash and NWOBHM in the track “In Dreams We Die”, where the guitars by Daniel and Toby pack a punch and it also exemplifies the evolution of the Age of Taurus sound, the work of the rhythm section allows for a seamless transition as it showcases their progressive elements ala Pink Floyd or Genesis, before switching up into more thrash/classic metal elements.

Age of Taurus showcases experimentation into their music with speed/thrash metal elements in “The Lost Garrison”, the wails in the programming in “The Trial of Blackwynn Chaise”,and going into crisp slowed down bluesy guitar work to blend in with the doom metal sound in “For Treason We Rise”.  The progressions and transitions are pretty smooth and effortless in the progression of the music.

The storytelling, the arrangements, and the balance between the groove and doom metal really showcases that Age of Taurus will do quite well for themselves in the world of underground metal.  The songs tell stories of medieval fantasy and history and the arrangements are well-thought out.  Madness To Creation rates this album a 7.5 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  From The Hills To The Halls
  2.  Taken To The Tower
  3.  The Trial Of Blackwynn Chaise
  4.  In Dreams We Die
  5.  The Lost Garrison
  6.  Beyond The Westward Path
  7.  For Treason We Rise
  8.  The Walls Have Ears
  9.  To Seal A Mountain
  10.  As Ice Into Blood
  11.  The Colony Slain

Fans can find Age of Taurus at the following locations:

Check out a video for “Beyond The Westward Path” below:


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