This band is crazy. Chaotic.  Unpredictable.  Heck, I didn’t expect anything generic.  With a band called Steaksauce Mustache, I expected this band to have my metal served piping hot slathered in Good Ol’ JR’s BBQ Sauce.  A couple of months ago, they crashed down on us via the Tube of You their video for “Space Bank”.

What I mean by crashed down was when The Undertaker threw Mankind off of the Hell In A Cell and Good Ol’ JR is screaming “He killed him! By gawd he has a family!”, that’s pretty much the reaction I had to “Space Bank”.

Video Content:  Something about a member of Steaksauce Mustache using a pillow hot dog to play guitar somehow seemed realistic and it captured never ending imaginations.  If it was a real hot dog, wouldn’t he worry about condiments being slathered all over his hand and fingers?  I could actually see this band doing that at a live setting with the neverending humor displayed in the video.  The video has so much cheese to it that Wisconsin is like “hey, give me my cheese back!”.  Sorry for the crappy humor.  By the way, that living room that they used in the performance video has a family! Jim Ross told me so.

Song Content:  I am saying this with all seriousness.  You put Foxy Shazam and Norma Jean in a mad science experiment, and with that experiment, you get Steaksauce Mustache. Throw in a dash of humor like Tom Green, and you get even more Steaksauce Mustache.  They do rock pretty hard, however, this band is not for metal elitists, but if you like fun in your music, I recommend giving “Space Bank” a try.

On Wednesday, August 22nd, Steaksauce Mustache will be having a gig at Shea’s Tavern in Reno, Nevada.  For tickets and further information for the juggernauts from Southern Oregon, click here.

Fans can check out Steaksauce Mustache at the following locations:


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