One would expect a little anarchy and chaos when an album was produced in a studio called Bear Bites Horse Studios.  One would expect some controlled chaos and brilliant musicianship when they compare themselves to Motorhead meets High On Fire.  My readers, that is exactly what you’re going to get when you turn on the three piece band Butcher In The Fog as they recently released their album entitled “A Screaming Reflection” via Sleight of Hand Music.

Butcher In The Fog is composed of Yanni Georgiou on guitars/vocals, Kumar Kay on bass, and Alex de la Cour on drums.  They are fast, chaotic, yet have elements where they slow it down to only bruisedneck speed instead of breakneck speed.

The album showcases a solid mix of thrash, punk and even a touch of throwback fuzz/garage rock which is certainly something to be said about Butcher In The Fog.  Their bass is fast yet laden with grooves on tracks such as “Screaming Reflection” and their personal anthem entitled “Heavy Metal FXckin Psycho”.  Yanni sounds like he’s screaming from the depths of his diaphragm in “Hell’s Teeth”, so much so that one can envision elements of guts and bile and pieces of spleen being spewed as Yanni has his intense guttaral screams.  On a side note, I never thought I would type a review where I’m talking about Yanni and intense guttaral screams.  I digress after copious amounts of chuckling there.

Along with the stoner thrash punk vibe from the mad scientist band known as Butcher In The Fog, they take us into elements of overdubs and doom in the tracks “Blood and Starlight” and “Venus Flytrap”.  Old school Butcher In The Fog fans will get to see another layer peeled away from the band as they slow it down doom style for elements of the two songs and provide some experimentation to keep the band sounding as fresh as a hunted carcass.

If you haven’t heard of Butcher In The Fog, then freaking shame on you, this record grows on you with each listen, I had to give it a second and a third listen because it was a bit difficult for me to process at first, however, I’m glad I gave it a second and third chance because I realized how genius the three were at music in this band.  This could be the greatest record that you have never heard of.  Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Screaming Reflection
  2.  Heavy Mental FXckin Psycho
  3.  Hell’s Teeth
  4.  Electric Van Gogh
  5.  Sandpaper
  6.  Blood and Starlight
  7.  Take It All
  8.  Venus Flytrap

For fun, check out the track “Hell’s Teeth” below.

Butcher In The Fog has several gigs in the United Kingdom coming up.  Check out gig dates below.

Friday, June 22nd- The Antelope in High Wycombe (w/Honour In Ashes)

Saturday, June 23rd- The Beehive Bow in Newham (w/Working Men’s Club, Who Cares?, and PINTS)

Saturday, July 14th- London Stone in Staines (w/Morass of Molasses and The Alpaca Threads)

Wednesday, July 18th- The Black Heart in London (w/Wychhound and Mountains)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find Butcher In The Fog at the following locations:


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