Out of Los Angeles, California is a band that is becoming viral via Spotify and they have already been featured as direct support for bands such as Walk The Moon, Said The Whale, and Colleen Green.  They have also been featured in Billboard Magazine, Ones To Watch, and BuzzbandsLA for their invigorating live performance, eclectic arrangements, and for their chemistry as a band.  This past February, Arms Akimbo released their EP entitled “The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party” via Spotify and other outlets.

“The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party” starts off with a track called “Parachute”.  At first listen, the listener will immediately notice the blues-tinged guitar work, especially in the outro of the track, and the harmonies that are laid forth by Arms Akimbo.  The unique thing is that they immediately have that laidback, stereotypical California vibe that can lead to babies being born nine months after listening to this EP.

“Velleity” showcases Arms Akimbo for their wonderful, carefully laid-out arrangements.  The guitar work is subtle yet profound, and the rhythm section has enough groove to make the listener sway to the music beneath a moonlit backdrop.  The song also certainly has that after hours party feel where people are ready to pass out after they got done praying to the porcelain gods.  It has that relaxing vibe to it where the listener is just ready to crash.  The outro where the guitars are laid out so peacefully continues to provide that laidback California vibe that Arms Akimbo will trademark before long.

I must talk about the track “Rearrange”.  This track allows the listener to unpack another layer of Arms Akimbo.  It almost has a Mumford & Sons, bluegrass, or at least folk music amongst the grassy knoll type of feel to it.  The harmonies also are very interesting and tickling to the ear to listen to.  Whatever happened to Mumford & Sons anyways?  But I digress.

If you need that music that combines the bright sunny day, with the contrast of an after hours party feel to it, then look no further than “The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party” by Arms Akimbo.  The arrangements are eclectic, the feels are just so tingly to the senses, and it provides moments of genius work that is hard to find in a lot of indie rock bands nowadays.  Madness To Creation rates this EP a 9 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Parachute
  2.  Velleity
  3.  None Of My Business
  4.  Cedar Point
  5.  Seven Mirrors
  6.  Rearrange

On Friday, July 13th, Arms Akimbo will be performing at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, California.  For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find Arms Akimbo at the following locations:






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