Last month, Space Elevator released their album “II”, last week they re-released their album “I” via Steamhammer/SPV, which includes the cover song “Don’t Believe A Word” by Thin Lizzy.  Space Elevator promises to take you on a time capsule through classic rock history with the reissue of “I”.

Space Elevator is composed of The Duchess on vocals, David Young on guitar, Neil Murray on bass, Brian Greene on drums, and Elliott Ware on keyboards.  This band brings about a flamboyant attitude, a flair for the classics, and just that “it factor” when it comes to writing and arranging a song.

After the raucous, infectious opener of “Elevator”, Space Elevator reaches for the heavenly stars with “We Are The Losers”.  The Duchess showcases her amazing versatility in her vocals, she sounds as if she was a star on a major hit Broadway musical and became transplanted into a classic rock band.  There are elements of Queen and Pink Floyd in terms of the arrangements with that arena rock feel that will make Space Elevator a special band.  The keys that Ware possesses in the second verse of the song couples succinctly with The Duchess’s soaring vocals.

In the track “I Will Find You(Gallifrey Dreams)”, the acoustic guitar arranged by David Young stands out in the acoustic realm and electric realm, what is nice about his workmanship is that he utilizes his instrument to blend into the story and the powerful vocals of The Duchess, allowing her to stand out in the band.  Young certainly has a nice solo during the instrumental break, only wish it was a couple of measures longer to make the song more powerful.  This song is that slow dance ballad mixed with progressive classic rock arrangements.

Space Elevator continues through the classic rock time capsule with their 1980’s Heart arena rock feel of “Loneliness Of Love”.  The groove is so infectious and the guitar riffs pack that powerful arena rock, it is one of those songs where you have it on repeat, I know I certainly did, because it is so infectious, so feel good, and so carefree that it makes you wish that music was like this all over again.  The guitars power packed with that infectious, ever so sexy rhythm and The Duchess sounding rather sultry makes this a song for the ages.

In terms of the bonus track, Space Elevator takes a jazz influence with an AM soft rock feel with their amazing take of “Don’t Believe A Word”, originally done by Thin Lizzy.  They remind us that Thin Lizzy is one of the most underappreciated and underrated classic rock bands in history, it reminds me of that jazz lounge scene with the smoke-filled room, mixed with the laidback vibes of the take on the Thin Lizzy classic.


With “I”, Space Elevator wants to remind you that music can be great again.  It has that Time Life compilation CD feel combined with the workmanship that reminds the listener that they MUST be taken seriously.  This band simply blows me away, 9 out of 10 stars.

  1.  Elevator
  2.  We Are The Losers
  3.  I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)
  4.  Ordinary Day
  5.  Little White Lies
  6.  Loneliness Of Love
  7.  More Than Enough
  8.  Really Don’t Care
  9.  Oils and Bubbles
  10.  We Can Fly
  11.  Move On
  12.  Don’t Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy cover)

Fans can find Space Elevator at the following locations:




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