Reuben Alexander is already making noise with this song.  The video for “Always There” has already garnered over one million Facebook views and his single “I Can’t Stop” has reached the Billboard charts and it’s the most added soul radio plays in the United Kingdom.  He also had a successful U.K. run with Ne-Yo, and based upon the single “Always There”, the future seems really bright for Reuben Alexander.

Reuben Alexander plans on releasing the LP later on this year.  In order to make him a force in the industry, Reuben enlisted Grammy-award winning and Platinum producer Josh Stevens for the album.  In order to enhance the flavor of the upcoming LP, Reuben recruited Grammy winner Micki Free, Thurz, Nathanial Phillips of legendary funk band PLEASURE, and Jennifer Phillips from U.K.’s hit show “X-Factor”.  Add all of these ingredients with Reuben’s musical vision, and you have the recipe for one of the most anticipated soul/R&B albums in years.

The song is as smooth as silk.  It is not your generic R&B song of today where it feels like everything sounds the same and so formula based.  This song has sleek keys that make people long for the days of Stevie Wonder all over again, coupled with the nice soulful falsetto voice that Reuben Alexander possesses.  The song does a masterful job of mixing contemporary pop sensibilities, with smooth R&B(old school Motown feel) and even elements of jazz into the music.  This cat is going places with this cut, Madness To Creation has no choice but to rate it 9 out of 10 stars.

Fans can find Reuben Alexander at the following locations:

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