European metal titans Therion have been on top of their game for years with their songs such as “Theme of Antichrist” and “Sons Of The Staves Of Time” each receiving millions of hits on YouTube via Nuclear Blast Records.  Therion vocalist Linnea Vikstrom embarked on a conceptualized solo record that discusses the philosophy of the beginning and end of the world in her May 4th release under the moniker QFT entitled “Live In Space” via Despotz Records.

This album is for those that are into quantum physics and those that study the Cosmos, along with the studies of Neil Degrasse Tyson, that also listen to a mix of doom metal of Black Sabbath along with the modern flavor of European metal ala Sabaton and the like.

The album starts off with a conceptualized doom metal feel entitled “End Of The Universe”.  There is no question about the vocal prowess of Linnea as she sounds like a mix of a hard hitting opera mixed with a powerful musical as the guitars and rhythm sounds apocalyptic in the track.  It’s an interesting way to start off an album, usually I expect an album to start off with a hard hitting cut, but with this being a concept record, I figured that it would just be the beginning of the “Live In Space” story that QFT is conceptualizing.

Tracks such as “Big Bang” and “Black Hole” will cause science and metal fans to geek out as concepts of quantum physics and how the world began are discussed by QFT.  The tracks kind of throw a curveball at the listener as they sound more straight up no frills hard rocking, although “Black Hole” has some progressive melodies in the guitar playing that really paint the song well.

The song gets philosophical and introspective in the track “QFT”, in which Linnea does a great job talking about the mystery and wonder of the universe.  The song is a little bit too slow for my liking at first, but suddenly the guitar solo is tastefully done and crisp as it paints a picture of the song, and the progression changes are seamless during the instrumental break.

If you’re into science, along with elements of power and classic metal, then “Live In Space” by QFT is a solid record.  This album takes a few listens to completely take it all in, but Linnea Vikstrom’s voice is undeniable and the lyrical content makes this metal album to be pretty interesting.  There are parts in the album where I expect it to be less mechanical and a bit more raw, although the members of QFT are quite talented in their collective instruments.  QFT has potential for growth, and because of that, I give this album a 7 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  End Of The Universe
  2.  Big Bang
  3.  Black Hole
  4.  QFT
  5.  Aliens
  6.  Time
  7.  Quasar
  8.  Light Speed
  9.  Live In Space
  10.  Joga (Bjork cover)

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