On May 4, Talia released the aformentioned EP “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie“.  Talia is a trio consisting of Nicolas Costa on vocals and guitar, Alice on bass, and Nicky on drums.  The band is based out of Paris and considers Los Angeles their “American home” as they play shows in both North America and Europe.  It was promised that the band delivers a “heavier and rawer” sound with Let Sleeping Dogs Lie compared to their previous three EPs and that was a promise kept!

Talis is self-described as being influenced by ‘90s grunge bands and that is evident to the listener immediately with the opening riffs of Afraid of Heights.  Costa has a distinct voice, yet also a voice that throws one back to the mid-90s and I mean that in a good way!  Afraid of Heights is a raw song full of imagery and metaphor that seems to be telling the tale of a couple’s struggle with the judgement of others.  This is a very powerful song and the perfect opening song to draw listeners into the rest of the band’s work. Please enjoy the lyric video to the opening song of the EP here:

Wreckage is a song that sticks out as the opening will remind the listener of the great band Nirvana.  Costa’s voice and lyrics are full of energy in this song, and again, draw the listener in with the sheer emotion and heart and soul he pours into the song.

Overall, I would rate this EP a 7/10.  It is very solid and grunge influences on the band are very evident.  I don’t score it any higher only because I wish there was more of it!

Track Listing:

  1. Afraid of Heights
  2. Still Waters
  3. Wreckage
  4. Bleed You Dry
  5. In the Evening (New Wave)

The band just completed a tour in support of Smile Empty Soul and Flaw, but can still be seen in the States at the Fun House in Seattle on July 11.  

Lastly, please check out more about Talia through the following sites:


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