Sometimes inspiration can come from the strangest places.  Such was the case for Austin, Texas’s own Dossey, who is an electro-pop artist.  She was watching some jazzercise videos and suddenly came up with the inspiration for her upbeat music video “Heartbeats”.

Dossey celebrated the release of this single by having a recent gig at the Swan Dive in Austin, Texas this past June.  This song is full of bubblegum, fluff, and you’re down for a good time after watching this music video.

Personally, I’m a total sucker for the 80’s and Dossey certainly has that theme down as she is in jazzercise gear complete with the leotard outfit and the legwarmers to boot.  The way the video effects are in the music video make it feel like you’re watching it on your brand new color television via closed circuit television.  The effects are amazing for this video.

In terms of the song, it is catchy, it is light, and it brings that infectious attitude that Dossey will have in her songs.  It has a Kylie Minogue meets Sheryl Crow type of feel to it.  It feels retro, yet it feels current, and if it was channeled in the right direction, could be a club favorite for dance parties around the country.  Madness To Creation rates this song and music video a solid 8 out of 10 stars.

About Dossey:

Dossey has been a featured artist on Noisetrade and her cover of “In Her Eyes” by Peter Gabriel was featured as an official selection of Austin’s Music Video Festival in 2017.  Her debut EP “Electric” is over 100,000 streams between Spotify and Soundcloud, with her YouTube music video count boasting over 6,000 views.

Fans can find Dossey at the following locations:


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