There is an expression where something juicy and delicious is known as “the nectar of the gods”.  Also, nectar is used to provide nourishment for various bird and insect species.  Recently, The Nectars are here to provide that nourishment for our souls as they recently released their stellar album entitled “Sci-Fi Television”.

As of late, I have been pretty critical on some of the reviews I’ve received, which has caused me to become jaded when it comes to music.  The Nectars have found the antidote to cure my jaded ways with this album.

The album is for those that are into garage rock, mixed with the vibes of No Doubt without all of the ska mess.  It has that vibe of The Strokes where intricate riffs are parlayed into the mix such as on songs “I Want It” and “Heaven”.  It also has that hint of a mix of sexiness and snarkiness in the aforementioned tracks, which to me The Nectars show that ability to have that punk rock New York attitude that is missing in a lot of the scene today.

There are elements of surf rock and psychedelic rock in the tracks “Don’t Panic” and “Cemetery Girl”.  In those tracks, there are subtle bits of organ and even a bit of rockabilly guitar where the bass and guitar are picked, which creates that infectious dirt lowdown boogie-woogie vibe to the music.

The Nectars are dirty yet provide that cleanser to wash away the dirtiness.  It’s a mix of salt and sugar, bitterness and sweetness, and filthy and squeaky clean, which provides for a nice contrast in the band and the album.  Madness To Creation gives this a solid 8 out of 10 stars for creating something sleek and snappy.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Holy
  2.  Heaven
  3.  Cemetery Girl
  4.  We Will Run
  5.  I Want It
  6.  Don’t Panic
  7.  Lights Off
  8.  Tame
  9.  Tired

Fans can check out The Nectars at the following locations:


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