Editor’s Note:  Talia recently wrapped up their direct support billing for Smile Empty Soul and Flaw on “The Flawless Smile” tour.  They have also received quality reviews on their recently released EP “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”, which was released via Pavement Entertainment.  Fans can keep up with Talia at the following locations:



Fernetti:  How did the tour go with Smile Empty Soul and Flaw?

Nicolas:  It was great! We learned a lot from them by watching them play, the way they do business, the way they talk to the crowd…A lot you can learn when you travel with bands that tour a lot…Then after a show in Ohio that went really good, people were all around us buying us drinks and we were hammered, we started acting a little stupid and the drummer said he was quitting the band and I went into a fight with him, luckily Alice stopped me from really hurting him… Now we have a drummer from LA called Hector who’s a great guy and an amazing musician!  But the whole experience was cool, travelling, playing every night, occasionally thrashing some hotel room, dive in the drums… Fun things rock bands do on a tour!

Fernetti:  Biggest takeaway that you had from the tour?

Nicolas:  That you gotta work hard, keep touring… And that’s what we wanna do… We also learned that America was way different than a lot of people in Europe imagine (we’re from France) We really met some great people on this tour, musicians and crowd!

Fernetti:  What are the plans for the rest of 2018?

Nicolas:  We have two shows left, one in Seattle at the Funhouse and one in LA at the Whisky, then we’re gonna go back to France work on new material, probably put out some videos or audio from the tour (just on the internet) and other stuff but I don’t wanna spoil it… There’s definitely things that will happen soon!

Fernetti:  You released the lyric video for “Afraid Of Heights”, take us into that song and message behind the song.

Nicolas:  It’s about a couple fighting their own demons and the outside world too… It’s about Alice (our bass player) and I!

Fernetti:  Tell us about a time when you were actually afraid of heights, if you’re not afraid of heights, then what is your biggest fear?

Nicolas:  I’ve never been afraid of heights and neither is Alice… Our biggest fear is the end of the band!

Fernetti:  How has the response been to the EP “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”?

Nicolas:  So far pretty good!

Fernetti:  Single biggest reason why you got into music!

Nicolas:  Everyone in my family is a musician so I grew up surrounded by guitars, keyboards, recording gear, musicians… Then around 10 years old my cousins were really into the metal/hard rock scene and I started listening to the bands they liked like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Motörhead, at first I really liked the way they looked, it’s kind of impressive for a kid, then I heard the music and loved it… That was the very beginning!

Fernetti:  What else would you like to add in regards to Talia?

Nicolas:  That we’re gonna try and come to America as often as we can!

And there you have it!  Fans can give a listen to “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Talia via Spotify below!

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