It is 2018 and elements of nu-metal are coming back to the forefront and Phoenix Rising are looking to become one of the current flagbearers of nu-metal with their EP release of “Ignite”.

Phoenix Rising all started from a Craigslist ad posted by vocalist Kent Summerour.  Literally.  Hours of travel and a plane flight to Los Angeles later, Phoenix Rising was born.  The other day, Phoenix Rising won the Best New Artist in Texas award from MXD Mag, and they are primed more than ever to release their EP “Ignite” on July 29th.

“Ignite” starts off with “Do You Know”.  “Do You Know” showcases the substance that Phoenix Rising has from a lyrical standpoint.  Their lyrics touch on how words can hurt and how words can leave permanent scars inside someone’s heart.  I really like the piano intro as it provides a nice ambiance to the song.  The trade-off in the raps and vocals are decent, I just wish the singing vocals were stronger as I feel that it would drive home the point of the song further, but the arrangements are pretty quality.

In the intro to “Open You Up”, the strings in the intro build that anticipatory setting, and the transitions into the rap-rock and the screaming bridge into the melodic chorus is pretty seamless, which makes this for a great listen.  I can tell that Phoenix Rising is a group that stands for conviction and passion.  The chorus is certainly memorable in this track.  The bridge to this track is pretty inspiring as it soars to the chorus.

“Lights Out” provides that WWE/UFC inspired theme, but Phoenix Rising doesn’t make it sound cheesy, unlike some bands that I have heard.  “If I Say No” has that Imagine Dragons meets Linkin Park intro, and this song probably has the strongest chorus on the whole album, which makes this a gamechanger of an EP.

“Ignite” by Phoenix Rising will grow on you with each listen.  At first, I was pretty skeptical of the band, but the more I listened to it, the more nuances I was able to pick up from the band, which sets them apart from the crowd.  A few of the nuances include strong lyrics that are full of substance, ambiance in the programming, and the solid trade off between the singing parts, screaming parts, and hip-hop parts with quality well-thought out arrangements.  There are parts where Phoenix Rising could have left more of an impact, but I’m sure that they will get that nailed down in time, and with that Madness To Creation gives this EP a 7 out of 10 stars for its listenability and potential for growth.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Do You Know
  2.  Open You Up
  3.  If I Say No
  4.  Lights Out

Phoenix Rising has a few shows coming up.  Check out tour dates below.

Sunday, July 29th- 2513 Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas (w/Saving Abel and Scarlet Revolt)

Saturday, August 18th- Cashman Field in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wednesday, August 22nd- Trees in Dallas, Texas (w/Orgy)

Wednesday, October 10th- Cashman Field in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuesday, October 16th- Trees in Dallas, Texas (w/Hed P.E.)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find Phoenix Rising at the following locations:

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