The band that is heavily influenced by bands such as PVRIS and Don Broco, Lights Like Autumn certainly took a turn when they hooked up with longtime producer Cory Brunnemann in order to give them a more experimental approach to the music.  That approach definitely worked as Lights Like Autumn are seeing success with their single “Roulette”.  Fans will be able to check out the lyric video, but in order to develop a deeper understanding of the band and music, vocalist/guitarist Israel “Izzy” Rodriguez offered an explanation to Madness To Creation behind the song.  Here are Izzy’s words:

The meaning behind Roulette:
To start off my name is Israel “Izzy”, vocalist of LLA. Writing “Roulette”, I wanted to write about what I see and feel. I wanted to write a song that everyone can relate to, and I believe that I did so. Being on social media you see a lot of your friends and acquaintances post and tweet about there life fairly often. One thing that stood out was the number of toxic relationships that seemed to be a plague amongst my newsfeed. That’s when Roulette happened. Roulette is a story of a pursuit of a hopeless love, one that you know is toxic but have been made to believe that you know there’s more than what is on the surface. It’s about wanting to pull out what you desire in a lover that he or she not necessarily has to give , but you continue to stay because you believe there will always be hope for change and that things portrayed to be bad can sometimes lead to good. -Izzy 
Fans can check out “Roulette” by Lights Like Autumn here.
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