We all know what WWE truly stands for and that is “Walk With Elias”.  Very recently, WWE superstar Elias released the EP “Walk With Elias” to the masses and it is glorious, hilarious, and entertaining all rolled into one amazing bundle of joy.

Elias could be the most entertaining wrestler in WWE today.  His antics as a drifter makes him a unique character.  He has used his acoustic guitar as a weapon on the likes of Jason Jordan, Braun Strowman and other victims in WWE.  He croons to the crowd in such a heel fashion that it strangely makes him endearing to the WWE Universe.  He writes and sings songs in his promo with his trusty acoustic guitar which really advances the storylines, and now he’s using this EP to further enhance his character.

“The Ballad Of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To” exemplifies Elias as the heel moniker that he is today.  He trashes every town as a wasteland or a dump and is craving the bright city lights to stardom.  That guitar chord that begins the song is effective because it’s the same guitar chord that is his intro to his now famous promos in WWE.  The lyrics are pretty hilarious yet they seem strangely honest.  It’s a really weird paradigm of the man that is Elias.  “Nothing I Can’t Do” has actually a beautiful piano arrangement that makes the song seem hopeful and it showcases Elias’s determination to conquer every mountain that he needs to climb.

This album is actually pretty fantastic as it could cross over to music platforms as well as greatly enhance Elias’s character.  This is what happens when you make the character extremely believable and Elias could be the most underrated and hottest wrestler not named Braun Strowman in WWE today.  Madness To Creation will walk with Elias with this EP.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  The Ballad Of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To
  2.  Elias’ Words
  3.  Nothing I Can’t Do
  4.  Walk With Elias


Check out www.wweshop.com to see how you can get a copy of this album!

*Photo Credit goes to WWE.  Madness To Creation claims no ownership of the video or Elias’s picture.

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