Editor’s Note:  Special thanks to Joey Arena of OVTLIER for offering up this nice piece about their single “Broken Bones”.  This band is on the rise as they have had exclusive premieres via Loudwire, Alt Press, and PureGrainAudio.  Their approach to alternative metal is second to none as it certainly appeals to multiple subgenres of metal and rock.  Fans can check out Ovtlier at the following locations:



“Broken Bones” is a special song on the record because it’s the first song we decied to keep while in the writing process.  It was a song that only provides the upbeat hooks, but seemed to have set the mood while writing the lyrics for the entire record.  A song of self-pride in your journey through life.  Looking back only to see how far you have come, to be cliche.

It also allowed me to try new things with my voice as far as diving into a melodic bridge versus the rest of the record.  Traveling to and from Rochester, New York to Cleveland(4 and half hours one way) every weekend, it provided a lot of time to self-reflect.  There were times were doubt may have crept its way into my mind, trying to stray me away from what I love to do, and I’d be lying if I said it almost didn’t succeed at one point, but I shook it off and got back into the right mindset.  “Broken Bones was the moment I,(figuratively) decided to put my foot down and begin this journey solo, accepting all that the universe would send my way and counting every blessing that began to follow.  It was the first song to provide confience in the art I was creating”.

-Joey Arena, vocalist for OVTLIER


Fans can check out the music video to “Broken Bones” here.
Fans can also check out their album “What Doesn’t Kill You” via Spotify here.

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