Editor’s Note:  I got up super early for this conversation, but when it’s one of the great bassists on the planet in Frederic DeClereq, you just had to.  Also of Dragonforce, Frederic and Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, current Vimic) drummer created this concept of death metal called Sinsaenum.  On August 10th, the band(I refuse to call them a project) will be releasing their second full length album entitled “Repulsion For Humanity”.  Frederic made this a very interesting conversation.  In the meantime, fans can check out Sinsaenum at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  Thank you for taking the time to interview with me for Madness To Creation.  Take us into some of the concepts of the album.

Frederic:  The concept is just how I feel about my life, and looking around and looking at people, and also I have my hatred just by looking at social media, it’s a very difficult situation, and this generation sucks, especially the generation coming up, and I don’t like people in general, so that’s my situation for this album.  This is an idea for everything negative that we feel and what we express.

Madness To Creation:  What absolutely sucks about this generation coming up?

Frederic:  I don’t know if there is one thing, just everybody complaining and being politically correct and when you express your opinion, everyone is so judgmental, some people have an attitude when it comes to a political aspect, someone posted on Twitter and someone said, “Frederic is not actually French”, this is a prime example of how things are ridiculous these days, and with social media, people post things without saying it to your face.  I have been tempted to close my Twitter and Instagram accounts, but this is just an example of people forcing their beliefs and opinions down your throat, I just don’t like who we are in general, it’s a waste of time and a waste of space, there are some people trying to do good things, but we just see people doing bad things all the time.

Madness To Creation:  Based on what you told me, would you say that would be the concept to the single “Final Resolve”?

Frederic:  “Final Resolve” was written by Joey and myself, but how I see the lyrics is about stopping these terrorists, but it can definitely be interpreted by someone else in a different way.  The video is based on the hatred as well, as all the songs on “Repulsion For Humanity” are.

Madness To Creation:  You guys also released the music video for “Sacred Martyr”, take us into that song and video.

Frederic:  In the writing process of “Sacred Martyr”, Heimoth, the bass player, came up with about 70% of the song.  He came in with the main riff, and then I came in and added a few different things here and there, but the main part of the song came from Heimoth.  And then Lauren from Once Human came in and did her part.

Madness To Creation:  What was it like working with Lauren for the song?

Frederic:  She did her part in a studio in the U.S., I didn’t have too much to complain about, she got the idea of the song in terms of the way it was written, and I loved it, she’s a very pleasant and interesting person to work with.  I’m not negative all of the time! *laughs*

Madness To Creation:  When people are martyred, they give up their lives for political or religious beliefs, what is your take on that?

Frederic:  When people give up their life politically I can understand that, but when people give up their life for a religion, I think that’s a waste of time, waste of space, and waste of breath.  I think it’s all right to believe in something that can make you a better person, but when it comes to those terrorists, I think it’s wrong.  I don’t believe in a God and I don’t believe in a Satan, and I think it’s fascinating that people can take their own lives just for that, I just know that I know nothing.  Do what you want to do, just don’t force it on me.

Madness To Creation:  What are Sinsaenum’s plans to support the album?

Frederic:  We will be touring Europe starting the 28th of September.  And we have other things in the works, but this will be a full lineup, not just some side project but a touring band, we will be working hard the rest of the year.

And there you have it!  Thank you to Frederic for taking the time for us.  Sinsaenum will be touring Europe this fall to support “Repulsion For Humanity”.  Check out the dates below.  Sinsaenum will also be performing in Japan and Australia this winter.

Friday, September 28th- La Citrouille in Saint-brieuc, France

Saturday, September 29th- FLOW Paris in Paris, France

Sunday, September 30th- La Cartonnerie in Reims, France

Monday, October 1st- Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg

Wednesday, October 3rd- Knust in Hamburg, Germany

Thursday, October 4th- Musikzentrum in Hannover, Germany

Friday, October 5th- Lido in Berlin, Germany

Saturday, October 6th- Klub Proxima in Warsaw, Poland

Sunday, October 7th- Futurum in Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday, October 9th- Backstage Werk in Munchen, Germany

Wednesday, October 10th- Durer Kert in Budapest, Hungary

Thursday, October 11th- Szene Wien in Vienna, Austria

Friday, October 12th- Kulturzentrum Galvinik in Zug, Switzerland

Saturday, October 13th- Legend Club in Milan, Italy

Sunday, October 14th- Le FIL in Saint-etienne, France

Tuesday, October 16th- Le Grillen in Colmar, France

Wednesday, October 17th- Clubb CANN in Stuttgart, Germany

Thursday, October 18th- Biebob in Vosselaar, Belgium

Friday, October 19th- The Dome, Tufnell Park in London, United Kingdom

Saturday, October 20th- P60 in Amstelveen, Netherlands

Sunday, October 21st- VEGA- Musikkens Hus, Lille VEGA in Kobenhavn V, Denmark

Monday, October 22nd- Sticky Fingers in Goteborg, Sweden

Wednesday, October 24th- Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday, November 6th- Club Quattro Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

Saturday, November 10th- Max Watt’s Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!


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