Editor’s Note:  Out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, alternative duo Civil Youth received that golden opportunity to play at the Camden, New Jersey stop on the final Vans Warped Tour.  Civil Youth saw this as a huge life goal in the sense that the Vans Warped Tour has impacted them since the day they picked up the “Enema Of The State” album by Blink 182.  Civil Youth has made some noise with the release of their album “Conversations” along with sharing the stage with the likes of AWOLNATION, Phantogram, Twenty-One Pilots, and Capital Cities.  Civil Youth showcased that they a premiere live act to see with their crowd chanting, light-up drum solos, instrument swaps, and stage acrobatics.  They want to make sure that you’re coming to see a show, not just a band performing live.  Special thanks to keyboardist/vocalist Michael Kepko for taking the time to write Volume 10 of “The Musician’s Tribune” on his Vans Warped Tour experiences.  Fans can find Civil Youth at the following locations:





“How Warped Tour Stood Out Among All Festivals”


Michael Kepko of Civil Youth

Being introduced to Enema of the State back in 2001 as one of my first CD’s I ever purchased really kick started my interest in Punk and Alternative/Rock music. That essentially trickled down to Dan and myself going to any touring festival that came our way. From Bamboozle to Mayhem Festival, there was really one that stood out to us. That was of course Warped Tour. If having success for over two decades isn’t impressive enough, Warped Tour was able to cultivate such a powerful community of dedicated fans that will last for decades more despite it’s official end.

One of the biggest things that impacted me was seeing how down to Earth all the musicians were both on and off stage and how that translated to the crowds. It truly made each date of the tour one big happy family. It also pushed me to make sure I saw everyone I wanted to see. I remember seeing who was headlining then seeing whom else was playing and then planning out my day to where I need to run to next. Definitely taught me time management better than anything I learned in school.

I also remember Dan telling me a story about him passing out at Bring Me the Horizon in 2011. (I think that’s was the right year.) That being said, that even proved how much Warped Tour cared because when they saw kids passing out, they would make sure each person was hydrated and taken care of like they were their own kid. Small things like that is what made Warped Tour stand out. They just did things better and from the heart. To be able to say we were part of that in its final year hasn’t even sunk in yet. It’s something I dreamed of since that day I purchased that Blink record in 2001. I’m seriously grateful for being able to play and to have attended all these years. Warped is definitely a model to which base people’s life.

– Mike (Civil Youth)

And there you have it!  Special thanks to Mike of Civil Youth for taking time out to write for an edition of “The Musician’s Tribune.

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