Missy Pidgeon is a pillar of the Philly DIY scene.  Weather you’ve played a house party in South Philly, or seen one of her bands, Secret Nudist Friends or Blushed, you’ve probably been in the same room as her.  Her music is fantastic, her aura is badass, and she is just about one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. I was lucky enough to talk to her about feminism, rock and roll, and her musical history.  Check out Blushed here: https://blushedband.bandcamp.com/ and  Secret Nudist Friends here: https://secretnudistfriends.bandcamp.com/


Do you prefer to be referred to as a “female musician” or as a musician who happens to be female?  

Hmm…I’m actually still working on embracing my identity as a musician. Although I’ve been super active these past 2 years, being in bands and writing music is still relatively new to me so sometimes it feels weird hearing me call myself a musician. Though at this point, I can’t deny it any longer Haha. You can call me a “female musician”, just don’t call my music “female fronted” bc that’s NOT A GENRE.


Do you ever feel marginalized because you’re a woman?  If so, how? What’s your typical response to sexism and bigotry?  

I’ve been lucky enough to feel super empowered by the people I work with, but it is discouraging to see individual women’s identities not being recognized (like the “female fronted” genre thing). It’s cool that people are starting to recognize the need for women’s voices & women dominated spaces, but if you really want to support us, go beyond praising all things “femme” and actually explore each artist’s work. If I see you tokenizing women, I won’t work with you or respect you. Bigotry will get you kicked out of my shows and put on blast 😊


What sort of advice would you give young women who want to start making music?

I would advise them to tap into the incredible support network that other women in the scene provide. For every douche that wants to discredit your work, there are so many women who will be there to help you grow.


I know that you and your paramour run the best DIY spot in Philly, Tralfamadore, what do you attribute its success to?  What can other people do to run a successful DIY spot? 

A big part of Tralf’s success comes from Matty’s years of trial and error; we have a system that works bc it developed over time. But fundamentally, make sure the space is all inclusive, hate free, and centered around supporting artists and the scene. Sometimes you have to get organized in order to get everyone paid, even if it doesn’t feel very punk Haha  (Check out upcoming Tralfamadore shows here: 



What are some big no-nos for a DIY house show?

Don’t wait last minute to find a PA for sure Haha and don’t let an event go without promotion. People need to know that you’re out there cause there is always a lot of other stuff going on.


Who are some of your musical heroes?  Who do you feel is really putting out amazing femme energy these days?  I’d say St Vincent and Jonathan from Queer Eye are my femme energy heroes right now.

Haha I love Jonathan. I really liked Grimes until she started dating Elon Musk, now I’m just a little confused if she is my enemy or not. I’ve been listening to a lot of Blondie lately, and Debbie Harry just embodies coolness and originality. I think Kali Uchis is putting out the best feminine energy right now; she’s moody, powerful, spiritual, and absolute glamour.


If it’s ok with you I’d like to shoot some rapid fire questions at you!


Worst show?

Kinda any show where I’m getting shocked by the microphone from grounding issues. It just hurts and kills my vibe 

Best show?

Probably the 2018 Paper Scissors Media Northside showcase at Pet Rescue. So many of our friends were rocking tf out so it was super fun.

If you could play a show with any band or musician, alive or dead, who would it be?

Hmm…I’d love to open for The Breeders. Without consideration for genre, I’d play with Patsy Cline just to meet her.

What’s your dream piece of gear?

Totally not a gear head, but I’d have fun with more vocal processors.


Favorite fast food restaurant?

Capitalism/mindless consumerism is destroying our planet so I don’t really do fast food BUT Chipotle has hooked us up with lots of discounted meals on tour.


What band or musician do you think is overrated?

Hmm…as far as mainstream, I think Taylor Swift is the most uncool. I can’t think of anything more controversial at the moment.



The Paranoyds are a band you shouldn’t sleep on. They’re one of my favorites from the west coast. And, coincidentally, they’re mostly women. I would love to play a show with them.

And there you have it!  Fans can check out Missy Pidgeon’s band Secret Nudist Friends at the following gigs:

Sat. 8/18- The Music Ward in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/allboy/allgirl, CUP, and Trash Boy)

Sat. 9/1- Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/Honeytiger, FayRoy)

Thu. 9/27- Connie’s Ric Rac in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/Dominy and The Values)

Sat. 10/6- Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/False Tracks, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, and Canine 10)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Missy Pidgeon’s band Blushed also has a few gigs coming up, check out tour dates below:

Wed. 8/15- World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sun. 8/26- Holy Frijoles in Baltimore, Maryland

Tue. 8/28- Restless Moons Brewing in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Wed. 8/29- Gallery House in Richmond, Virginia

Tue. 10/16- The Barbary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For tickets and further information on any of Blushed’s shows listed above, click here.

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