Cory Singer got his claim to fame in 2013 when he starred on Bravo TV’s “Kandi Factory”.  Now, he is unleashing the single “Blind In Love” to the masses.

Formerly a Broadway sensation, Cory left the theatrical world to pursue songwriting and performance.  While in the Broadway world, Cory was nominated for a Broadway World award for best vocalist along with Liza Minelli.  Now, he has taken on the world of crafting songs.

“Blind In Love” starts off with a scintillating piano arrangement and Cory showcases an uncanny ability to carry his voice and hold his notes while possessing a multi-octave range in his voice.  Along with his uncanny ability to sing, Cory has a natural gift of evoking emotion into the song.  The guitars, brass, and rhythm has a combination of a showtunes, jazz, and blues feel to it.

My only wish for this song was that during the instrumental break, it was kicking in to a larger than life guitar solo, but it was cut off too quickly.  I felt that the message would’ve been even stronger if time was given for a longer instrumental break.  However, the resounding climax towards the outro of the song made me quickly forget about that part as Cory kills it with his voice towards the outro.

If you’re a fan of jazz, blues, easy listening with pop hooks, then I certainly recommend “Blind In Love” by Cory Singer.  Madness To Creation gives this a solid 7 out of 10 star rating. I just wish that there was a longer instrumental break as I felt that would’ve carried the song to even further heights. However, it’s a fun and snappy tune to get into as it has a combination of a fun Broadway arrangement with that jazz/blues feel to the song.

Fans can find Cory Singer at the following locations:

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