It is not everyday that a band captures my attention.  These days, I feel that there are so many bands and recording artists that they have to do something really special in order to grab the attention of Madness To Creation.  That said, Midwest rockers Audio Curve have certainly done that with their release of “Through the Crests and Troughs”.

Through the examination of the album cover, it seems to cover that theme of the spiritual battle between good vs. evil, and based upon the scientific definition of “crests” and “troughs”, they represent the different wavelengths where the crest is the maximum value of upward displacement within a cycle and the “trough” is the minimum value in that same cycle.  In this record, Audio Curve certainly covers that concept throughout the album to tell a beautiful story of the human and spiritual condition.

“Through the Crests and Troughs” certainly rips and roars with the intertwining of the sleek guitar work that frontman Igor Dimitrienko provides, while Bernard Punelli Anderson exorcises his sorcery while tickling the ivories on the keys.  Celestino “Sal” Ramirez on the drums and Mike Adams on the bass round out the band with their sleek rhythms that allow Audio Curve to ride the fence between blues/arena rock and that funk/soul rock that causes the ladies to swoon and the dudes to groove.

The beautiful thing about this album is that with each listen of the album, there is another layer to peel away that allows the listener to dive deeper into Audio Curve.  Case in point, on first listen, Madness To Creation was enamored with the sleek guitar work of Igor and on the next listen, how the outro played through was masterfully done by Bernard on the keys.  This shows that Audio Curve carefully crafts each note and each measure of the song while allowing the emotions of the music to take over the listener’s senses, as the song “Summer Nights” is living proof of the emotions.

In “Summer Nights”, it feels like that song that should be the soundtrack to the days where friends sit around the campfire, while stories are told and memories are shared as the embers dance among the fire.  This song showcases the complete package of Audio Curve where each member showcases their skillset at their craft while Igor sings about those memories.  “Tickin’ Away” allows the listener to get to know Audio Curve on a personal level as Igor sings about his time growing up in Russia.

This album is certainly an enjoyable listen, especially when you get that feeling of cruising the open road to no particular destination.  Let Audio Curve remind you that life is not the destination, but about the journey with “Through the Crests and Troughs”.  Madness To Creation gives this album a strong recommendation due to its listenability and for its uncanny way of crossing genres.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Angels
  2.  One To Die For
  3.  Bloody Red Like The Wine
  4.  Wasted Highway
  5.  Inhuman
  6.  Dyin’ Thrill
  7.  Fortune Wheel
  8.  Summer Nights
  9.  Tickin’ Away
  10.  Give It To Me
  11.  It All Fades Away

On Saturday, August 25th, Audio Curve will be performing at Good Times in Ankeny, Iowa.  For tickets and further information on the show, click here.

Fans can find Audio Curve at the following locations:

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