Contributor’s Note:  Junkanoo is one of the few bands I’ve seen that has two bass players, and they make it work.  Their music is powerful female driven rock music with soul influences woven in and around everything they do.  They are truly worthy of adulation so I suggest you check them out here:


So you just played the nation’s largest celebration of Women in music, The Ladybug Festival.  What was that like? Did you meet anyone who particularly inspired you?

The Ladybug Festival was incredible! The support we felt from the crowd and the staff of the event was amazing. Talking with them, you could really feel their passion for highlighting women in all fields of the music industry.

Overall, playing with and being around powerful, talented and kind women (and men, but mostly women) was inspiring.


Do you identify as a “female rock group” or do you prefer to simply think of as a band with women in it?  

We don’t really label ourselves. Yes, we are an all female band, but it wouldn’t be fair to say we’re all women as we do have members who don’t identify as such. We’re just musicians (with vaginas) who like to play music 🙂


What made you decide to have two bass players in the band?  

We toyed with the idea of having one of our Bass players try Guitar in the beginning, but they’re both Bass players at heart so we just made it work!


I have to know, what’s the song “Your Baby Ate My Sandwich” about?  

Your Baby Ate My Sandwich is actually about nothing. It was one of the first songs we wrote together. This was before Nicole joined the group. I wanted to write a song that had lyrics that anyone can interpret in their own way without it actually having any meaning. I personally feel like that is the most interesting part about making art and music; that anyone can interpret it in their own way. I went in a similar route when writing the lyrics for Alive and Well. I love the idea of an audience thinking the song is about something relatively serious, when really the song is about Taco Bell.

How has reaction to your new album, ‘Mother Nasty,’ been?

Overwhelmingly wonderful. The DIY community is the BEST and have been so supportive. They accepted us from the start and we’re so grateful.


How do you deal with the sexism you encounter at shows?

 We’ve had our fair share of dealing with sexism, and while I know that it’s not possible or tough for others, I personally handle it by standing up, speaking up, proving them wrong and moving on. I know we’re strong and capable musicians, so slapping them in face with some Funky Bass magic is enough for me.

And there you have it, on Thursday, September 20th, Junkanoo will be performing with Church Girls and The Spins at BoonTunes in Boonton, New Jersey.  For tickets and further information on the gig, click here.

Fans can find Junkanoo at the following locations:

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