We have been looking for music that is raw, passionate, while sounding like a tent revival all in the same token.  The supergroup Ultraphonix has brought that on with their recent release of “Original Human Music” via earMUSIC.

Picture this, take one of the greatest blues rock vocalists in Corey Glover of Living Colour, a guitar prodigy in George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob, and add titans Pancho Tomaselli and Chris Moore in the rhythm section, and you get one of the greatest jam sessions the music world has seen this year, with the sole purpose of searching for truth in the spiritual and human condition.

The album is packed full of the revival spirit with songs such as “Baptism” and “Free”.  In this, the listener gets to experience Glover taking his voice to a new dimension, as he cries out for the truth to set him free.  Lynch takes you to yet another dimension with creating that groove that only he knows how to pull off in songs such as “Wasteland” and “Walk Run Crawl”.  The rhythm section is a consistent driving force throughout this record.

What an engaging, heartfelt body of work that Ultraphonix pulled off with “Original Human Music”.  Come experience this tent revival mixed with the sheer, raw power that this band possesses with this 8.5/10 star offering.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Baptism
  2.  Another Day
  3.  Walk Run Crawl
  4.  Counter Culture
  5.  Heart Full Of Rain
  6.  Free
  7.  Wasteland
  8.  Take A Stand
  9.  Ain’t Too Late
  10.  Soul Control
  11.  What You Say
  12.  Power Trip

Fans can find Ultraphonix on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ultraphonix

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