Editor’s Note:  Hot off of the release of their viral cover of Pearl Jam’s song “Release”, hard rock band Lullwater thought it would be fun to reveal their 13 favorite Pearl Jam songs with Madness To Creation.  Fans can find Lullwater at the following locations:



Daniel Binnie:
1. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Love the descriptions of visiting your old hometown. “I changed
by not changing at all..”

2. Better Man
Happy sounding music while the lyrics are a rather sad story of a
faded love.

3. Daughter
Love the rhythm and chord structure.

Top 3 Pearl Jam songs Joe:
1. Crown of Thorns – Mother Love Bone(cover)
Pearl Jam’s cover of Crown of Thorns is hauntingly beautiful. The emotion for the guys that bleeds their love for Andy Wood is infectious.

2. Sirens

In my honest opinion, this song does not get enough love. The line “Hear the sirens covering distance in the night
The sound, echoing closer, will they come for me, next time?” gets me every time. Beautiful song.

3. Man of The Hour

The band wrote this for one of the best movies ever “Big Fish” in 2003. After losing my grandfather this year, this song resonates hard. You always knew when he was around. Life of the party. For better or worse!

3 Top Pearl Jam songs: John Strickland: 

1. “Release” is one of my all-time favorite Pearl Jam songs. It always tends to bring up powerful emotion for me while we perform it. The lyric, oh dear Dad can you see me now, resonates with me. My father and I are very close so I always think of him while we perform this song.

2. Blood

Such a powerful statement about the ups and downs of the music industry. You can feel the frustration in Eddie’s voice when screaming it’s my blood. It’s such a kick you in the teeth song with so much emotion. I feel like when you give your heart and soul into something and then get disappointed, it can turn to anger. This is Eddie’s way of expelling frustration and it’s magical.

3. Immortality

Such a melancholy song that touches on the struggles of life and how sometimes things seem hopeless. “A truant finds Home.. and a wish to hold on.. but there’s Trap door in the sun”
Life will try to ruin you, which forces you to look at your mortality. This also one of my favorite PJ songs.

Top 3 Pearl Jam songs – Ray

Once – This is how you start an album. They draw you in with some droning jams then kick you in the face; this song hooks me every time. This is a song I can’t help but yell along with every time it comes on.

Go – This song just kicks ass. There’s a lot going on in this song and it is all awesome. Another great album opener. Take notes, people, because this is how you do it right.

Why Go – I think a trend is emerging here; I tend to like my Pearl Jam fast and energetic. Very direct lyrics and a super catchy, simple yet powerful chorus. I think I’m a little biased to Dave Krusen-era PJ now after watching him play with Candlebox every night. The drums are the secret weapons that make this song and Once two of my favorites.

Honorable mention since we need 10 songs?
Rearviewmirror – Really interesting opening riff, driving drums, beautiful chorus chord progression, crazy energy, what’s not to love? This song feels like a journey and I am always happy to be along for the ride.

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