HOAX has premiered their single “Moon Moon Baby” today via Spotify and Soundcloud today!

“Moon Moon Baby” features lush arrangements, soulful vocals, and an atmospheric ambiance with a retro twist that will make the ladies swoon and the guys to give fistbumps to one another because the single is just that feelgood song that proclaims their love for that beautiful, exotic girl.  It’s the perfect single to celebrate Labor Day weekend!

About HOAX:

Mike Raj (vocals)Frantz Cesar (bass)Paul Brower (guitar)Kevin Lopez (guitar), and Jacob Lopez (drums)—have two EP’s notched into their belt already, The Truth and Other Lies and words that end with wh(y), both from 2017, in addition to a handful of singles, all which have a strong showing in the streaming world. Currently, the band’s “Beach House” (their debut single from 2016) has over 760,000 Spotify streams and “Indian Summer” has garnered nearly 300,000 Spotify spins. These are just a couple of their most popular songs out of six on the Spotify platform that each have over 100,000 spins logged; Impressive for a band that was formed three years ago in the halls of Hofstra University during 2015.

Fans can check out “Moon Moon Baby” via Spotify:

Fans can check out “Moon Moon Baby” via Soundcloud:

Fans can also find HOAX at the following locations:

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  • Photo Credit:  Devon Bideau

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