Out of Oslo, Norway comes one of the best kept secrets in Norway, screamo/hardcore/punk band Naga Siren.  Naga Siren recently released their record entitled “Swallows Tornadoes” via Spotify and Soundcloud.

Naga Siren is the band that came from the ashes of bands Despereaux, ieatheartattacks, Oberst, and Himmelhøyt, in which they became a full-established band after their previous EP “This Dead Lake” and after making multiple festival apperances in Scandinavia.  “Swallows Tornadoes” is produced by Andreas Westhagen (Carnival Kids) and they aspire to combine American metalcore with Scandinavian punk/screamo.

Based on the title track, this record gives personal accounts of going through anxiety, depression, and getting through it with that feeling of self-realization and loving oneself despite the inner turmoil that they might feel in their lives.  The concept of “Swallows Tornadoes” means stuffing problems away instead of finding coping mechanisms to deal with the problems in the chaos of life.

This album is hard-hitting, emotional, and personal.  It starts off with the track “Keep Breathing”, which is a personal account of when they lost their grandmother and feeling like that they have no one to turn to in order to help them get through the issues.  The guitar licks in the beginning are tasty, and the rhythms unleash a sonic assault on your brain cavity.  The album also deals with broken relationships in tracks such as “Discard Me” and “Simply Fooling Themselves”, which showcases Naga Siren’s ability to make personal stories while creating that feeling that you need to moshpit into your bedroom while you’re jamming the hell out to Naga Siren.

If you enjoy whiplash breakdowns, sonic assaults in the guitar work, and razor-like vocals, then Naga Siren could be the best kept secret in Scandinavia.  Do NOT sleep on Naga Siren!  Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 star rating!  Damn!  Check out the track listing below

  1.  Keep Breathing
  2.  Swallows Tornadoes
  3.  Clay
  4.  The Waves
  5.  Simply Fooling Themselves
  6.  Cunning Eyes
  7.  Discard Me
  8.  Anchor

Fans can find Naga Siren at the following locations:



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