Honestly, I’ve never listened to this band before.  I was sitting at Spicoli’s with my friends and they were performing providing direct support for Smile Empty Soul and Flaw on the “Flawless Smile Tour” at Spicoli’s Grill in Waterloo, Iowa.  Their rhythms, vocals, and arrangements immediately grabbed my attention.  I immediately picked up a copy of the EP and threw a five-dollar bill into their tip jar, and popped the “Beloved” EP into my car.  Let me tell you, what an engaging listen this EP is!

“Beloved” was released April 28th of this year with the help of Nick Ingram(Courage My Love, City Lights, Hawthorne Heights) at Capitol House Studio in Ohio and Kris Crummett(Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Dance Gavin Dance) helped with the mixing and mastering of the EP.  The band is composed of Joe Glenk, Johnny Axton, Ryan Stillman, and Nathan Saake.

“Beloved” starts off with beautiful guitar harmonics while it breaks into a soaring chorus where the vocals and the arrangements are intertwined incredibly well.  The thing that I immediately notice about New Lingo is that they effortlessly mix pop hooks with infectious alternative rock hooks that provide that universal appeal that makes for people long for the alternative rock of yesteryear while maintaining that fresh sound.  “San Junipero” is a nod to groups like Hawthorne Heights and Acceptance that have that laidback feeling with the listener wanting to learn the lyrics as soon as possible so they can sing along to New Lingo.

Overall, this is a beautiful and enjoyable listen for this EP.  The arrangements are lush and melodic, and New Lingo showcases that feeling of being able to reach a wide audience while being able to rock out for those that throw up the horns.  I’m glad that they left quite an impression on me, and New Lingo will do the same to you with “Beloved” with this 8/10 star offering.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Swoon
  2.  San Junipero
  3.  The Surface
  4.  High Hopes
  5.  Texas Justice

Here are the remaining dates of the “Flawless Smile” Tour featuring Smile Empty Soul with co-headliners Flaw with special guests New Lingo and Code Red Riot:

Tue. 9/4- Wired Pub & Grill in Omaha, Nebraska

Wed. 9/5- CafeAcoustic Concert Hall in St. Joseph, Missouri

Thu. 9/6- AftershockLive Music Venue in Merriam, Kansas

Fri. 9/7- OKC Limits in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sat. 9/8- The Rock Box in San Antonio, Texas

Sun. 9/9- Jake’s Sports Cafe and Backroom in Lubbock, Texas

Tue. 9/11- Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale, Arizona

Wed. 9/12- Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, California

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find New Lingo at the following locations:



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