Editor’s Note:  It was a lovely chat with esteemed metal vocalist Linnea Vikstrom about her group QFT, who recently released “Live In Space” this past May.  We had the opportunity to learn a lot about the esteemed vocalist on how she trains, her music, and what she would do if the inevitable happened, of course the inevitable being coming in contact with aliens.  Fans can find QFT on Facebook at www.facebook.com/QFT.band

Madness To Creation:  How do you train yourself as a vocalist?

Linnea:  I try to keep in shape by singing a little every day even though I might not have a gig or some other work, but times of vocal rest is also really important. The way that I sing can easily strain the voice if you’re not mindful of what your body is telling you.  Luckily I was born with rally sturdy vocal chords that can take a lot without getting tired or strained. 

Madness To Creation:  For aspiring vocalists, what is your single biggest piece of advice that you have for a vocalist?

Linnea:  My single best advice would be to follow your heart.  People around you are always gonna try to give you unwelcome advice regarding what repertoire you should sing and what TV talent show you should audition to.  Listen to your gut,  listen to a variety of music, find friends who share your interest and PRACTICE! 

Madness To Creation:  How has the response been for QFT’s record Live In Space?

Linnea:  The overall response has been great! People seem to really like the variety of the songs and the sound and the lyrical concept.  Couldn’t be more happy about it! 

Madness To Creation:  What are the plans to support the album?

Linnea:  The plan is to take it on tour to showcase what we can do on stage. This music must be experienced live! We’re also gonna get some videos out.

Madness To Creation:  How has the approach been similar or different from your work in Therion?

Linnea:  Very different I must say.  First if all all QFT music is recorded live in the studio while Therion is recorded more conventionally. Secondly I am the boss over QFT which I am not over Therion. That has been the single most difficult part of the QFT process. 

Madness To Creation:  Best memory from the CD release show on May 2nd in Stockholm, Sweden?

Linnea:  I was more nervous than I’d ever been,  but when I got onto that stage,  magic happened. The flow on that stage was unbelievable! I barely remember it which for me always is a good indication of a great gig.  The feeling right after was euphoric. The audience was gasping and they we’re absolutely amazed over what they witnessed. It was one of the best nights of my life. 

Madness To Creation:  Single biggest reason why you got into music.

Linnea:  There has never been another option. From day one I have known that music will be my craft. 

Madness To Creation:  Tell us about the Aliens single.  What is the message behind that song?

Linnea:  There’s not really a big philosophical message behind it, it’s more like a fun space adventure! I’ll leave the deeper meaning to the fans to encrypt, haha!

Madness To Creation:  If an alien came in contact with you, how would you react and what would you say to them?

Linnea:  First I would be insanely skeptical to whether or not it was in fact an alien, but if it was beyond any reasonable doubt I think I would be speechless. There are so many questions to be asked if communication was possible. Unfortunately I am of the belief that I would either be collected for research of killed on the spot,  haha! 

Madness To Creation:  The floor is yours for anything you would like to add in regards to QFT or “Live In Space”

Linnea:  This album is my single most proudest achievment and I really hope that you will enjoy what you hear. I hope you take the time to really sit down and enjoy it from start to finish, that’s how it’s best experienced. Enjoy! 

And there you have it!  Keep tabs on QFT by following their Facebook page as it sounds like some interesting developments will be happening from the QFT camp.

  • Photo Credit:  Kitty Lingmerth

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