This past July, John Kunkel of The New Division teamed up with James Meays from Missing Words to form Digital Shades and release the single “Blue”, which also premiered via Magnetic Mag and was released via Soundcloud.  This single makes melancholy seem quite fun and anthemic feeling.

“Blue” takes on a deep connotation that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness.  Despite having success, fame, and fortune, mental illnesses such as depression can still be especially harmful and lethal and in this track, Digital Shades is pleading with the listener to ” sing these songs to feel okay” and to try to celebrate life through the rain.

The song has such deep meaning as it allows the listener to think.  It has such a nice groove to it as the synths take over making it feel like an 80’s New Wave song with that EDM/club vibe to it.  It’s a song that one can dance to or chill to.  The harmonies in the song are impeccable as it sounds like Kunkel and Meays have worked together for years, when they’ve just recently came together for this electronic project.    Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 rating as it was easy for me to put this track on repeat.  Fans can check it out via Soundcloud below:

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