On August 17th, German melodic death-metal masters Parasite INC. released “Dead And Alive” via Reaper Entertainment!  This album promises to crush heads and snap necks from excessive headbanging.

Parasite INC. is composed of Kai Bigler(vocals,guitars), Benjamin Stetzler(drums), Stefan Kramer(bass) and Dominik Sorg(guitars).  Parasite INC. began making a name for themselves by appearing on the Summer Breeze Open Air festival this summer!

This album is not your typical melodic death-metal record.  It starts off with a haunting intro entitled “Countershock”, which seems to give a nod to early Misfits record before creating this whiplash inducing song “Once and For All”.  The chorus is catchy, synths are incorporated which seem to blend in with the death metal riffs with a bit of power metal and thrash incorporated into the riffs and rhythm section.  There are bits of industrial programming in tracks such as “This World” and “Fall of The Idealist”, which seems to incorporate the story of “Dead And Alive”.  The guitar work in the outro of “Fall of the Idealist” is epic and makes for a resounding climax in the album!

Parasite INC. has caused the European metal world to stand up and take notice with their sledgehammer rhythm section, precision in their riffs, and incorporate bits of industrial creativity which seems to make them not your typical melodic death metal band.  For someone that is not into this genre, this album is certainly a banger as Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Countershock
  2.  Once and For All
  3.  This World
  4.  Fall of the Idealist
  5.  Headfuck Rollercoaster
  6.  Flesh Decadence
  7.  Red Wine Collider
  8.  Sunset Overdrive
  9.  Cold Silent Hell
  10.  Dead and Alive
  11.  Empty Streets (cover)

Parasite INC. has some tour dates in Europe coming up.  Check them out below!

Sat. September 22nd- To Hell and Back Vol. 4 in Gemunden, Germany

Sat. October 13th- Rocknight Ebnat in Aalen, Germany

Sat. October 20th- Exclusive Show: Above The Weeping World in Luzern, Switzerland (w/Insomnium)

Fri. October 26th- Jena in Jena, Germany (w/Nothgard)

Sat. October 27th- Markneukirchen in Markneukirchen, Germany (w/Nothgard)

Sun. October 28th- Eventhalle Westpark in Ingolstadt, Germany (w/Nothgard and Equilibrium)

Wed. October 31st- Club Vaudeville in Lindau, Germany (w/Nothgard)

Thu. November 1st- OKH Vocklabruck in Vocklabruck, Austria (w/Nothgard)

Sat. November 10th- Winter Invasion at Barenhalle in Bindlach, Germany

Fans can find Parasite INC. at the following locations:




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