On August 24th, Nonpoint released their tenth studio album, appropriately titled X.  Lead vocalist Elias Soriano, drummer Robb Rivera, guitarist Rasheed Thomas,  bassist Adam Woloszyn, and guitarist B.C. Kochmit deliver an album that should both please longtime fans and give newer fans an appropriate introduction to the band’s work.  

Nonpoint gives the listener their best right away on this album with the first three songs.  “Empty Batteries” is a powerful song that works as a great introduction for the album. “Empty Batteries” is a social criticism song making the link between the overuse of medication giving people and “empty” feeling and the need for people to fight back against this.  The second track is also the first single release from the album “Chaos and Earthquakes.” As one can expect from the title, this is also a song about the current state of society, at least how the band sees it. The third song will strike most listeners as the best song of the album.

 “Fix This” greets the listener with a powerful intro and deep lyrics. It is very easy for the listener to picture someone they know in need of help but not accepting that help as Soriano passionately delivers the lyrics to this single. While this album as a whole sticks out and is very good, “Fix This” takes the emotions to a whole new level.

Overall, this is a very good work produced by Nonpoint and very fitting that this work represents a career landmark as the tenth studio album release.  While the best three songs are the first three, the whole album intense and a true representation of what listeners expect from Nonpoint! I give this album 9/10 stars!

Track Listing:

  1. Empty Batteries
  2. Chaos and Earthquakes
  3. Fix This
  4. Crashing
  5. Passive Aggressive
  6. Dodge Your Destiny
  7. Wheel Against Will
  8. Milestone
  9. Feel The Way I Feel
  10. Position One

And, please check out the audio video for “Fix This” below:

Nonpoint is headlining their “Chaos and Earthquakes” tour with special guests He Is Legend and Letters From The Fire.  Check out tour dates below.

Sat. 9/15- The Chameleon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Sun. 9/16- One Center Square in Easton, Pennsylvania

Tue. 9/18- The Underground- Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina

Wed. 9/19- The Cowan in Nashville, Tennessee

Thu. 9/20- The Blue Note in Harrison, Ohio

Fri. 9/21- Diesel Concert Lounge in Detroit, Michigan

Sat. 9/22- Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find Nonpoint at the following locations:




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