Editor’s Note:  It’s been quite nice getting to know Canadian pop-punk band Minority 905.  The band that is known for their 10 minute Paramore discography cover recently released their album entitled “Dangerous Ambitions”.  They decided to reveal their favorite pop-punk songs exclusively with Madness To Creation.  Fans can find Minority 905 at the following locations:





10. Quicksand – The Story So Far

Great song all around from my favorite band of the 2010s. Really takes it back to the basics of punk with fast drums and guitars. Parker Cannon is one of the best voices in pop-punk right now and on this song, he killed it with every line.


9. My Friends Over You – New Found Glory

Classic anthem. When I first heard it, I had it on repeat for weeks. The opening lead is just so good, it draws you in, the beat on the verses is super sweet and the chorus is just so catchy, you can sing along to it for days.


8. Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones

The grandfathers of punk had to be on my list. I don’t listen to much Ramones but this song is one of those classic punk songs that shaped the genre as a whole. Fast, to the point, energetic and has one of the most iconic lines of all time “Hey Oh, Lets Go”


7. What’s My Age Again? – blink-182

One of the first blink songs I ever heard. Tom’s lead is so simple but yet so effective. Mark’s voice is just so good and his lyrics in this song were hilarious and sad at the same time. And of course who can forget Travis’ drumming with the super sweet chorus beat and creative fills.


6. Sugar We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy

All it takes is for that beat to play and everyone gets excited. Every part of this song is just perfect, from the iconic hooks in the verses and choruses to the sweet instrumentals. And you have one of the best voices of the 00s singing it all.


5. Self Esteem – The Offspring

Another classic song by another classic band. From the opening “la la la” hook to the energetic intro to the sweet bass line and beat in the verses. Top it all off with Dexter’s singing and you have an all around amazing song


4. In Too Deep – Sum 41

Such a fun song. Instantly recognizable riff, instantly recognizable voice. Throw in an awesome solo and you have one of the most iconic punk songs ever.


3. American Idiot – Green Day

Probably the first punk song I ever heard. Truly has one of the most recognizable guitar parts in all of music. A true masterpiece. I love everything about this song, from the fast drums to the great verses to the awesome choruses to the sweet solo.



2. Dammit – blink-182

There’s just something about the rawness of this song that makes it sound so good. Such a simple riff, such simple chords, and yet this song is so good. The way it all comes together in the final chorus is one of the best endings to a song in all of punk.


1. Basket Case – Green Day

From the iconic opening verse to the way the drums surprise you out of nowhere to the super energetic guitar parts and singing by Billie Joe to the sweet bass lines of Mike Dirnt this is one of those songs that will always be remembered. I can’t think of any other song better that better encompasses the punk genre.



Chris’s Top 10:


10:  Hearts All Gone – blink-182

This song makes me want to go skateboarding. I can’t skateboard. But this song really makes me want to give it a go.  The drums in this song really really give it so much character, from the intro to every fill Travis Barker does, I don’t know that another drummer could have done this song as much justice.


9:  Teenage Lobotomy – The Ramones

This song to me really represents best what was at the core of The Ramones’ sound:  Catchy guitar riffs, fast drums, lyrics about feeling/being really stupid.


8:  Bonzo Goes To Bitburg – The Ramones

This is the most chilled out Ramones song out there, but to me, it happens to be one that really gets the message of being angry and upset at the actions of someone else the best.  The song even addresses the internal anger of the narrator in the chorus, despite the nostalgic and almost dreamy feel of the song.


7:  American Idiot – Green Day

As a young boy of 9 years old, I remember the first time hearing this song so well.  I remember having a shitty day at school, some asshole kid beat me up, my dad picked me up from school, I had homework to do, and homework I hadn’t done from last week, everything kinda sucked at that moment.  But I remember getting in the car, and hearing this song, and not just the radio version without the curses, but the uncensored one, after the two “naughty” words, the DJ came on the radio apologizing for the profanity of the biggest punk band the world has ever seen.


6:  DVP – PUP

PUP to me perfectly captures punk in the present dat, I love the vocals on this from the “woah-ohs” of the chorus to the shrieked lyrics throughout the verses, it captures the emotions of the narrator perfectly, all complimented by a perfect instrumental backing and a sick opening lead guitar melody.


5:  Cherry Bomb – The Runaways

The attitude and power of this song feel really great to me, in a world where the punk scene was/is mostly male dominated, The Runaways took a stand with this fantastic song, bearing the frustrations of teenage troubles and repressed emotions and feelings from a female perspective, and blasting them across the punk mainstream.


4:  All I Want – The Offspring

This song was probably what sparked my interest in punk music as a kid.  I remember playing Crazy Taxi for the first time in an arcade when I was around 6 years old and having this song blare as I tried to play the game.  I wasn’t even tall enough to simultaneously see over the steering wheel and press the pedals, but I remember how fun this song was, and it stuck with me for many years to come.


3:  Escape From The City – Ted Poley

Speaking of video games, Sonic Adventure 2’s first level.  If All I Want sparked my interest in punk music, this song kept that interest alive until I would find Green Day’s American Idiot some years later.  The opening bass line as Sonic falls from the sky, followed by the whole band crashing in as he touches down, riding a piece of a helicopter like a snowboard down the streets of video-game San Francisco in an effort to outrun the military.  Even though some might think this is a rather lame choice, to me, this song represents one of the most punk moments in any video game.


2:  Brain Stew – Green Day

This is the one Green Day song I know that across every person I’ve ever met, regardless of their music tastes, they think this song is hype, even hardcore metalheads and hip-hop fans that hate Green Day and punk music in general can get behind the vibe of this song.


1:  Longview – Green Day

The quintessential 90s Green Day song, Mike Dirnt’s signature bass line, Tre Cool’s swing beat, Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics about being stuck inside watching TV and being bored, add in a loud, energetic chorus about everyone’s favorite self-pleasuring activity, and there you have the top punk song of my list.



Steven’s Favourite “Punk” songs


1: When I Come Around – Green Day: My favorite punk song, and favourite song all time. Great melodies, gritty guitars, catchy bass lines, it’s truly an anthem to bring in a new kind of punk rock to the masses. Everything about this song is fantastic!


2: Fat Lip – Sum 41: An awesome pop punk song that embodies the pop punk spirit of growing up and having fun with friends. Has a cool melody, catchy hooks, as well some subtle metal influences in the guitar work. Overall it’s a cool song and has everything you need in a good song.


3: Feeling This – Blink 182: Great band, and great song. Lots of cool trading vocals, as well as some cool sound experimentation with the guitars. This has also become one of my favourite songs to play live.


4: In The Basement – Teenage Bottlerocket: A more recent band that offers vibes from early 90s pop punk, and the more melodic punk of the 80s, this song a great melody and catchy hooks. A lot of their other work embodies these same qualities as well.


5: Guilt Trip – PUP: This song has cool riffs, unique time signatures, and a whole lot of energy from a band that has shown a lot of promise from their self-titled album PUP.


6: Reservoir – PUP: A sweet punk rock anthem! Cool lyrics, awesome shouts and gang vocals, with the typical drive found in punk songs.


7: Empty Space – The Story So Far: This song has a cool beat, and takes on other musical

Influences that other punk songs wouldn’t cross.


8: American Idiot – Green Day: A great song that takes on the notions of American politics, embodies the message that some punk songs can convey.


9: Longview – Green Day: From the unconventional swing feel to the brash punk chorus, this tune has everything you could ever want in a punk song. This also includes one of the most iconic bass lines in mainstream music history that inspired me to start playing the bass when I was 10 years old.


10: Tiny Voices – Bad Religion: A great punk song, has cool melodies as well as some awesome key modulations.




10: My Friends Over You – New Found Glory: Your bros should always come first! I don’t really listen to New Found Glory as much as some of the other bands on this list but I always liked this song. The intro riff is great and I like the lyrical content.


9: I’d Do Anything – Simple Plan: A really good album opener with lots of energy. I like all the different hooks in this song also.


8: Dammit – blink-182: This song overall is just really fun to listen to and has one of the catchiest intro riffs.


7: In Too Deep – Sum 41: I remember watching Cheaper By The Dozen a lot when I was a kid and hearing this song all the time. It’s my favourite song from Sum 41.


6: Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones: One of the earliest punk songs I heard. I remember playing this song a lot on Rockband when I was younger. I like that they used this song in the new Spider-Man movie! Overall it just reminds me of my childhood.


5: Weightless – All Time Low: This is the song that really got me into All Time Low. The chorus is perfect and my favourite part of the song is probably the post-chorus breakdown. I also like the message behind the song!


4: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today – Fall Out Boy: The energy on this song is great and it has one of the most unique lyrics I’ve ever heard regarding a break up. Can’t really find a better song to tell someone you hate them.


3: Pressure – Paramore: This song really captures the spirit that I love from early Paramore. I really like the simplicity of this song. The instrumental is catchy and so are the lyrics and melody.


2: Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard: One of my favourite songs of all time. I love the lyrics and melody of it and I like that the acoustic version sounds just as good as the original.


1: Jesus Of Suburbia – Green Day: Perfect song from start to finish! Even though it’s 9 minutes long, it doesn’t feel like it at all.

And there you have it!  Check out their video to “Soundtrack” off of “Dangerous Ambitions”, and follow their social media pages for the latest news and happenings on Minority 905!

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