What is art?  Art is supposed to be unpredictable and scathing while running the gamut of emotions.  That is what I: Scintilla has sought out to be as a band with their latest released entitled “Swayed” via Alfa Matrix.  “Swayed” was released on September 21st.

The Chicago, Illinois band has every intention to push the envelope with their introspective lyrics and at times unconventional arrangements as they straddle that balance between post-pock and electro-rock.  Case in point, the opening track “Human” has an absolutely thick and groovy bassline that you would hear out of a punk garage band.  “Carmen Saturna” consists of guitar tones that balances that mix of those industrial rock riffs that groups like White Zombie or Deadsy would trademark while incorporating some electronic new wave arrangements in the instrumental break.  “Boxing Glove” showcases where I: Scintilla becomes unconventional and haunting in the same token.

“Boxing Glove” and “Mercy Screams” showcases frontwoman Brittany Bindrim’s vocals as she finds that balance between sounding a bit perturbed, a bit disturbed, and very haunting.  This track ultimately showcases that I: Scintilla dares to be different and stretches their creative prowess to become that unconventional post-punk/electro-rock band that people will be talking about.  “Nothing But Recordings” has a bone-chilling outro with haunting guitar arrangements and a subtle, yet sinister piano that plays during the outro where every key sounds like a person waking up in a cold sweat from a nightmare.  Lastly, if you want to examine the full prowess of I: Scintilla, look no further than the rhythm section intertwining with the guitar arrangements in “Pieces”, it is truly something to behold.

The more one listens to “Swayed” by I: Scintilla, the more that this band will be appreciated in inner circles throughout the industry.  They have an uncanny ability to capture the listener’s attention due to their unconventional style of music and due to how they make each part sound so intricate and complex.   Madness To Creation gives this a solid 8.5/10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Human
  2.  Carmen Saturna
  3.  Boxing Glove
  4.  Mercy Screams
  5.  DFTD (Between The Devils)
  6.  Nothing But Recordings
  7.  Pieces
  8.  Island
  9.  Seaglass
  10.  Swayed

On Saturday, November 3rd, I: Scintilla will be providing direct support for Stabbing Westward at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois.  For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find I: Scintilla at the following locations:





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