Editor’s Note:  This is our way of showcasing a new writer that we have!  You might have heard this name, Juan “P-Bitty” Hinojosa, who used to drum in Upon A Burning Body, filled in for Darkness Divided’s farewell tour and is currently filling in on drums for Shaping The Legacy.  Juan did an outstanding job of cutting his teeth with Emily of September Mourning, who are not only known for making great music but are known in the world of graphic novels.  Fans can find September Mourning at the following locations:




Juan:  This is Juan with Madness To Creation and we’re hanging out with Emily of September Mourning, say what’s up to the people?

Emily:  Sup people!

Juan:  How has the tour been so far at least to this point, how has it been?

Emily:  It’s been good, I mean it’s like us and a couple of other bands and we’re just rocking out and seeing our fans again, we have been on the road for a little while and we’ve been working on new music so it’s just kind of like getting our chops together again.

Juan:  Getting back into the feel of things

Emily:  Getting back into the feel of things, feeling it out, stuff like that, playing a new song tonight, stuff like that.

Juan:  Oh sick!  That should be exciting that people get to hear your new jam, awesome!  The one thing that kind of stuck out to me as I was researching you guys was that it looks like you’re pretty involved with graphic novels.

Emily:  Yeah!

Juan:  That’s awesome!  Is it Murder Reapers?

Emily:  We have three!  We have three trades out right now, one’s called “The Murder Reapers”, one’s called “The Hand Of Fate”, and the third one’s called “Trinity”.  The third one is only available digitally at our merch booth, you can buy all three actually on a flashdrive tonight, but we had the first two issues bound together with Mark Silvestri cover, that was put out through Image Comix, and that was all over comic book stores and it’s under the moniker September Mourning, that’s the name of the comic book.

Juan:  How did you all land Mark?

Emily:  Mark is amazing!  I pitched him the idea that I wanted to do a transient project that is focused on all different types of media and not just a music project, I wanted to do something with different avenues that we can explore artistically, and that’s what we did and this sounds like an epic project.

Juan:  He’s willing to help you guys and…

Emily:  Yeah!  He loved my characters and my storyline and thoughts, but this is new, this is different, he’s always somebody that’s broken boundaries in the world of comics, so that’s what he really likes.

Juan:  That makes sense because of something new, it doesn’t matter where it comes across, but if you do something that’s been done or you come out with a completely new idea, it definitely takes something on, it’s pretty awesome, I guess what I want to know is if you can have any mutant ability, what would you have?

Emily:  Mutant ability?  Regeneration!  Because that way, you live forever, so you don’t have to have that ability, you can’t be harmed, you never age, you look fabulous all the time, great hair! You’re perfect all the time and your life is perfect.

Juan:  That’s a good one, cause I would always think invincibility.

Emily:  But this way, if you wanted to go in and rob a bank, and you could be like, “yeah, shoot me bitch”, I’m just going to heal myself and go rob you again, give me your money!

Juan:  Where are you guys heading out to next?

Emily:  Houston is the next stop, it’s the Texas tour right now! 

Juan:  Luckily, it’s been raining cause most of the time you’re down here, it is hot!

Emily:  We were sweating yesterday!

Juan:  Do you guys take something from your graphic novels into your live show?

Emily:  Oh yeah!  You’re going to see that tonight!  We basically have the whole first and second comic book animated and I do voiceovers for all of the characters with friends of mine and we made this whole animated sort of thing, weaving in and out of it, the costumes and the lights.  We wanted to create a world and an environment into our world for like 50 minutes.

Juan:  Sounds awesome!  I can’t wait to check it out! Have a good show!

And there you have it!  On a side note, tomorrow’s show at FUBAR in St. Louis, Missouri has been cancelled.  However, here are the remaining tour dates with Kaleido and Charcoal Tongue.

Fri. Sept 28th- RocHaus in West Dundee, Illinois

Sat. Sept 29th- Diesel Concert Lounge in Detroit, Michigan

And here are the remaining September Mourning headlining dates!

Thu. Oct. 4th- Revolution Music Room in Little Rock, Arkansas

Sat. Oct. 6th- El Paso Downtown Street Festival in El Paso, Texas

Sun. Oct. 7th- Jake’s Sports Cafe & Backroom in Lubbock, Texas

Tue. Oct. 9th- Outland Ballroom in Springfield, Missouri

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Check out their music video for “20 Below”




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