Brutal. Vivacious. Rip-roaring, and Gutteral.  These are just a few adjectives that I would use to describe rising metal band Once Human’s live album entitled “Stage Of Evolution”.  In this, Once Human will scare the pants off of any headliner that dares to have them as a direct support act as they might steal the spotlight.

Lauren Hart certainly stands out as one of THE premier live vocalists in the metal genre with her brutal screams that seem to perfectly match the insane rhythm section and the thundering riffs that Once Human provides.  What makes her stand out as an incredible frontwoman is her seemingly sweet disposition that engages the crowd.

The crowd was won over from the inception as the band ripped into their smashing song “Eye Of Chaos” and engaged in storytelling with “Mass Murder Frenzy”, and paid homage to the soon to be disbanding Machine Head with their incredible cover of “Davidian”.

Brace yourselves.  Once Human is ready to destroy your city with their intense live performance while taking no prisoners while they are at it.  This is the band that clubs crave and headliners fear.  Get to know Once Human immediately with this 9/10 star offering with “Stage Of Evolution”.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Eye of Chaos
  2.  Killer for the Cure
  3.  Mass Murder Frenzy
  4.  Gravity
  5.  Passenger
  6.  Pick Your Poison
  7.  Paragon
  8.  Davidian (Machine Head cover) featuring Frederic LeClercq of Dragonforce/Sinsaenum
  9.  Flock of Flesh

Check out their song stream of “Flock of Flesh” below.

Fans can find Once Human at the following locations:

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