In a quick digression before I bust on into this album review, I want to thank the St. Louis band Monster Eats Manhattan for reaching out to us to review “Cages”.  It is where I ultimately want to take this site.  I have never cared if a band has 100 likes or 100 million social media likes on their outlets.  If the music is good, it’s good.  On that note, here goes nothing with this review!

From the first note in “Cages” by Monster Eats Manhattan, I immediately notice several incredible things about this band.  I must ask the question, how in the HELL are they not on top of every rock chart ever conceived?  I absolutely love this! Here are some things that I love about “Cages” by Monster Eats Manhattan:

  1.  The vox!- Throughout the album, the vox provide an incredible blending between the lead singing and the harmonizing.  I am blown away by the versatility in the vox in the track “Screaming To Be Heard”.  It has a pop-tinged feel in the verses, but once the chorus kicks in, you hear the harmonizing that is crisp and just absolutely clear sounding.
  2.  The guitars!- The guitars have a breakdown feel to it in some parts, yet has that hard driving alternative rock sound.  The unique thing that Monster Eats Manhattan does is they have an uncanny ability to enhance the story in their music.
  3.  The keys/ambiance- Monster Eats Manhattan does an impeccable job of utilizing this as an asset instead of a hindrance in the music.  There are times where it provides those moments where you just bounce, and other times where you sway along and get lost in the music.
  4.  The rhythm section- Their rhythm section is so tight and the progressions are absolutely seamless.

Overall, I am blown the HELL away with this EP.  I have had this on repeat.  The stale rock scene needed a hero and Monster Eats Manhattan is coming with their superpowers and their cape to save the day by getting you to bounce, think, and just simply vibe to their music.  I am giving this the rare 10 out of 10 star rating!

Fans can find Monster Eats Manhattan at the following locations:

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