This will be a quick review simply because I want to get back in the game in terms of the A to Z review list.  Aesop Rock is a hip-hop artist out of San Francisco, California and he is known as a complete wordsmith.  Couple that with his undeniable hooks and loops and thangs, and he certainly flies under the radar as one of the most underrated and underappreciated hip-hop artists in the game.  Here is Madness To Creation’s Fave Five Aesop Rock songs.

  1.  “None Shall Pass”.  There is a reason why Aesop Rock is viewed as the hip-hop artist with the largest vocabulary in the game!  The flow is ridiculous, coupled with this undeniable hook.  Yes, this is probably his most popular song, but it shows that hip-hop can have substance and CAN be an art form!

2.  “Blood Sandwich”- This song is about one growing up as the middle child in a family.  The guitar hook in the song is ridiculous.  It tells a really cool story!

3.  “Shrunk” – A song about numerology.  A song about how we are reduced to numbers instead of names.  Absolutely brilliant.

4.  “Rings” –  I love the old-school feel of the scratch from the DJ turntable.  It has a beautiful flow, and it talks about how people are willing to stab their own mothers in the back just to get ahead.  The beat is absolutely trippy as well.

5.  “Dorks”- This song seems to give that middle finger to the industry, and how the media sensationalizes everything for ratings.

Aesop Rock’s flow is ridiculous.  More people need to get to know this artist.  His flow is some of the best in the game, yet this mumble rap garbage is at the forefront right now.  Aesop Rock will just be over there providing substance while others listen to the garbage that is mumble rap today.

Fans can find Aesop Rock at the following locations:

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