This artist out of Des Moines, Iowa has been making waves in the Midwest hip-hop scene due to his undying work ethic, gift for wordplay, and incorporating old school beats to give off that mixtape vibe.  In the middle of May, Tre Fixx under Xerost8 Music released his latest album entitled “Gutta Indicat II” independently.

Tre Fixx has shared the stage with the who’s whos of a lot of top players in the hip-hop game including Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, Slaughterhouse, The Game, and Kutt Calhoun.  He was part of a hip-hop duo with Kyd N Tre, and he cites artists like Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, and 2Pac Shakur as his major influences.

The track “Asinine” really does a fantastic job of setting the tone in “Gutta Indicat II”.  In this track, it starts off with quite a chill piano hook with that old school mixtape beat vibe, which seems to tell the story of putting in all the work and still feeling disrespected despite being gifted in the hip-hop game.  Tre Fixx does a great job of flowing using witty wordplay and pop culture references which is sorely missed in some of today’s mainstream hip-hop.

Tracks such as “Entrance Music” and “Dirt Naps”(which features Toby Diligent), showcases anthems that he’s ready to slay in the hip-hop game, it comes off as authentic instead of falling into that trap of sounding hokey.  In other tracks such as “Nightwalkers” and “Savior”, Tre Fixx has that ability to evoke those dark and melancholy moments with his lyricism along with the beats that enhance the storytelling in the songs.

Tre Fixx is an artist that the masses have been sleeping on.  In the midst of a genre that has gone completely wack, Tre Fixx showcases that underground hip-hop is the way to go in this genre with authentic lyrics, witty wordplay, and fresh beats.  Madness To Creation gives this a solid 8.5/10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Asinine
  2.  Entrance Music
  3.  Even Odds
  4.  Nightwalkers(featuring Tripp Shelton & Flea Da Genius)
  5.  Savior
  6.  Exhale (featuring trippytaytay)
  7.  Dirt Naps (featuring Toby Diligent)
  8.  Burn It Down
  9.  Dream Team (interlude)
  10.  $$$ zZz (featuring DizzoBay)
  11.  HML
  12.  For Life (featuring Ryan Nixon)
  13.  Lose You
  14.  Confidant (featuring Jade Doran)
  15.  All At Once
  16.  See The Stars (Goodnight) (featuring Serenity)

Check out the music video for “Burn It Down” below:

Fans can find Tre Fixx at the following locations:

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