Let’s Go!  Skillet frontman John Cooper and his new project Fight The Fury is ready to be unleashed to the masses on October 26th via Atlantic Records, and let me tell you, this record is a freaking banger!

Very soon, you will get to see Madness To Creation’s interview with John Cooper about his project, and he reveals a bit about Skillet coming up as well!  Picture this new project as darker, exploring the really tough topics that some consider to be taboo, all the while melting your face off with its pure raw emotion.  Well, Fight The Fury has certainly accomplished that with “Still Breathing”.

As someone who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ(or Christian), I struggle with the modern church in the sense that it feels like a trendy club instead of getting into the root core of our struggles and our hardships that we face in life.  It is encouraging to see someone like John Cooper and Fight The Fury address these topic of battling temptations, lust, addictions, and mental health issues.  It reminds us that we are all human trying to get through this thing called life.

“My Demons” has such an industrial heavy banger, which reminds me of early Skillet’s “Collide” era, but throw in a Slipknot twist with its intense breakdown and djent elements.  In “My Demons”, it sounds like John Cooper was ready to unleash whatever was inside of him, and he sounds like he’s liberated to write about whatever the hell he wants to write about and not being restrained to the worldwide success of Skillet.

“Dominate Me” has that feeling about addictions in terms of giving into the addictions as a submissive would in the dominatrix world.  However, Fight The Fury provides that way out that they need help fighting these addictions and struggles that they go through.  The breakdowns and outro are absolutely heavy as they cause necks to snap after feeling that moment of liberation.

John Cooper, guitarist Seth Morrison, drummer Jared Ward, and guitarist John Panzer III, sound like a cage animal that is finally unleashed and going in for the kill in this track.  While there are elements of Skillet when they get melodic, it is a surprisingly dark record that has that light at the end of the tunnel that we need to get through the daily challenges of life.  This is a banger of a record that will cause improvised mosh pits as “Still Breathing” by Fight The Fury gets a solid 8 out of 10 stars.

Here is the track listing below!

  1.  My Demons
  2.  Dominate Me
  3.  Still Burning
  4.  I Cannot
  5.  Lose Hold Of It All

Fans can find Fight The Fury at the following locations:



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