Editor’s Note:  With the midterm elections, what better way to get you out to vote than having Chicago thrash metal band Aftermath write about how they completely hate the government.  Frontman Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis breaks in down via historical context of the Constitution and how our government controls our speech, thoughts, and every action that we make.  Fans can find Aftermath at the following locations:


Such a heavy statement.  One that can get you on a list.  Does that sound paranoid? You know there are lists – all types of lists the government keeps.  Some they have are legal and some are not and there is the problem. The government is supposed to represent the people.  At least that’s what they teach you in school. But, there are all kinds of governments as we all know.  There are democracies, dictatorships, socialist and communist forms of it and there are republics. In the end, they all attempt to control us. They just do it differently.  If you grow up in the West, you spend your life thinking man thank god I didn’t grow up in that country. Thank god I have freedom of speech, etc.  In reality nothing is free. Even speech. THINK BOUT IT.  They regulate speech. You need a permit in many cases to speak in public.  You even have complete bans on speech. You can’t scream fire in a theater based on a famous Supreme Court case that started the control of speech.  There is hate speech now that further controls speech. So you see speech isn’t free.  Social media will eventually have all types of control over speech also. It’s just the beginning.

I could just stop here and be done with my rant on the evils of government, but I won’t because I have so much to say.  Plus, I got some sleep last night and have a ton of coffee in me and I just rolled a cigarette or 10.

I have spent most of my life thinking that no one should be able to tell me how to live my life.  Let alone some old dudes that think they have the right to do so. As a kid, I hated the rules my parents or teachers told me I needed to follow.  I was a night person at birth so going to bed early to go listen to a teacher never sat well with me. So why can’t I smoke a joint? Why is prostitution illegal?  Why can’t I drink a beer but could be sent off to die in a war at 18? Think about how crazy that is? You can drive a car at 16 – vote at 18 – enlist in the military at 18 -but can’t have a fucking drink until your 21.  So you trust me to kill for you, but son you can’t have a beer yet. What a bunch of shit.

When we formed Aftermath, I wrote lyrics that challenged the system.  It wasn’t a plan; it was just natural. That is what came out when I wrote lyrics. I wasn’t into slaying dragons in my writing.  I was slaying the system instead I guess. As the years went by and I started to really question why things are the way they are, the more I began to read and research things.  You couldn’t pay me to read in school. But, I have always been a reader outside of school. I really am curious about things and can’t believe how so many people aren’t curious about anything.  

The past 5 years or so I have read, watched and listened to so many views on how things really run and who is really behind all of this it’s mindboggling.  I remember thinking one day why hasn’t there ever been a day of peace on this planet. Why do so many people need to die and over what? Is it religion that causes all this death?  Is it money? Is it ego? Racism? Nationalism? What the fuck is it? We all die so why do we spend the limited amount of time we have at war? Why spend all your years building an empire and then you die?  These questions led me to one conclusion it all about the battle of good v evil. I never read the bible and am not into the religious thing at all. But I know there is good and evil in this world and the planet is controlled by evil forces.

Government run by good people would be completely different than what we have today.  Government has been corrupted by those that run it and turned it into a tool for them to control the masses.  

The Federal Reserve “The Fed” was created in 1913 by 5 bankers in a secret meeting to steal basically. Bankers are the greatest thieves of all time.  The Fed is not part of the government; it is a private organization that the government can’t audit. Let that sink in. They called it the Federal Reserve to make people think it’s the government, but it isn’t. They had Congress create a law creating it and basically allowing it to be unregulated.  It’s our central bank to prevent financial disasters they claim. Tell that to the people in 1929 or 1987 or 2001 or 2008 just to name some of the financial disasters the Fed is supposed to prevent. Our central bank is controlled by private banks – don’t let the figure heads that pretend to run the Fed fool you.  They are puppets just like the elected officials are puppets. They set interest rates on the money YOU AND I borrow. What’s wrong with that right? Well they set the rates for the money the US borrows also. So the US government lets a private company set the interest rates the government needs to pay for borrowing its own money.  How fucking crazy is that? The greatest scam of all time. Why can’t the government just print more money? They claim it will cause inflation – too much money in circulation causes inflation they tell you and we learn to believe it. Well if that’s true then the Fed is the worst failure of all time. A movie cost 10 cents before the Fed shouldn’t it still be 10 cents based on the bullshit the Fed and the economist feed us. The value of money since the Fed was created is shit.  So what do we need them for you ask? The Kennedy assassination came a few weeks after he talked about getting rid of the Fed. Do you think it was a Oswalt? Andrew Jackson paid off all federal debt and abolished the Central Bank and was the first President that they attempted to assassinate. Pattern or coincidence?

So it’s all about money right?  No it’s about control. Controlling the money means controlling the masses.  Keeping us in debt makes you work all day to try and make your payments or you lose everything you worked so hard to overpay for and couldn’t afford because the way the system is set up.  By working us to death to buy products we don’t need or can’t afford we have no time to question anything. It is a perfect con if you think about it. We live in the wealthiest country on earth and we are all one paycheck away from being broke. So it’s bad enough we can barely buy the things we need and the things they convince us we need, but we are also paying off their debt. We pay taxes to pay off the government debt that we have no control over.  There was no IRS or federal income taxes in the constitution until you guessed it 1913 when they passed the 16th Amendment.  SAME FUCKING YEAR AS THE CREATION OF THE FED.

I won’t get into all the lies and fake wars they conned us into.  Maybe I can leave that for next time. In the meantime KNOW YOUR ENEMY.  – Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis 

And there you have it!  Check out their lyric video for “Smash Reset Control” below!

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