Who said that classical music only belong in that genre?  We have seen groups such as KISS, Metallica, and Scorpions utilize a full-fledged orchestra in order to create re-imaginations of their classic songs.  We have also seen pop-punk group Yellowcard incorporate the violin into their infectious pop songs.  Now, we are seeing Austin, Texas’s own Bleached Roses incorporate strings and lush piano arrangements into their contagious blend of indie rock with their latest EP offering entitled “Blooms”.

Bleached Roses is composed of Lexi Cardenas on violin/vocals/guitar, Mo Paynter on synth/guitar, Jacob Wiviott on drums/piano, and Christiano Bellani on bass in order to round out the band.  They have several other individuals incorporated in the string section including Laura Wood, Marisol Cardenas, and Diana Burgess in order to provide that full wall of sound that Bleached Roses have became known for.  From the inception, Bleached Roses have made a mark in the Texas indie scene by playing the annual Pecan Festival and playing numerous shows in the scene.  People would describe their live act as a must-see show with lush arrangements and well-thought out songwriting.

“Blooms” starts off with a beautiful string arrangement coupled with the guitar work of Paynter, before Cardenas breaks into the vocals in the opening track “Stay”.  Immediately, I notice how introspective the vocals are, and how melancholy the arrangement sounds, which allows the listener to paint a picture of the emotions of the arrangement and the storyline of the lyrics.  It paints that reflective bleak looking picture, and as the second verse kicks in, Wiviott and Bellani both do a masterful job in the rhythm section.  There is a sense of vulnerability and brokenness in the opening track “Stay”.

Wiviott not only slays it on the drums, but sweeps the listener off of their feet with the piano arrangement in “Cloud 9”.  This particular track has that early 1990’s soft rock feel to it as it makes people long for the days of Tori Amos meets Fiona Apple with the introspective songwriting and beautiful arrangements.

What immediately grasps my attention is how infectious and lush that Bleached Roses sound in their arrangements and in their vocal stylings.  The songs are introspective, melancholic, and contemplative all in the same breath.  This band is certainly going places with their quality musicianship and their impeccable abilities to craft a quality song.  Madness To Creation gives “Blooms” by Bleached Roses a 9 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Stay
  2.  Cloud 9
  3.  Brighter Days
  4.  Interlude No. 2
  5.  Can’t Catch Me Now

Bleached Roses have a couple of gigs in Texas coming up.  Check out the gigs below.

Fri. 11/16- Kiva Lounge in San Marcos

Fri. 12/7- Hotel Vegas in Austin

For tickets and further information on the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find Bleached Roses at the following locations:





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