Out of Zagreb, Croatia is a five piece sludge/psychedelic metal band known as Hesperian Death Horse.  They have recently released their concept EP entitled “Ziv” via Bandcamp.

Hesperian Death Horse is composed of Dario Orac on guitars/vocals, Domagoj Zunic on guitars/vocals, Marko Galetic on guitars/vocals, Slaven Jedvaj on bass, and Ivan Kukuljevic on drums.  They recorded their EP at Kramasonik Studios in Zagreb and they recruited James Kelly to master the EP.

The EP sounds like Pink Floyd meets metal going threw a bunch of quicksand.  It has this sludgy feeling like you’re dying a slow death while you’re stumbling through the bane of your existence.  The arrangements have a dark moody feel to it that sounds like a really bad and strange acid trip.  It certainly works for this type of genre.  I like how the four songs on the EP meld together to create the concept of Murphy’s Law throughout this EP.  The vocals are a bit creepy and haunting, and the rhythm section plods along to complete the story of “Ziv”, which is Croatian for the word “alive”.

Overall, if you’re into sludge/psychedelic metal, this isn’t a bad EP to listen to.  The music tells an interesting story.  Madness To Creation rates this a 7 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Saol (Part 1: Prizma)
  2.  Elu (Part 2: Voda)
  3.  Hayot (Part 3: Mezanin)
  4.  Liv (Part 4: Horde)

Fans can find Hesperian Death Horse at the following locations:




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