Greek Fire is the rock band that represents America.  They have that midwestern blue-collar drive with the feelgood emotions of the sunsets of California, and add in the east coast swagger, you get Greek Fire.  Greek Fire has exploded back on the rock scene with their surprise EP entitled “Orientation”, which is an appropriately titled EP.

“Orientation” allows people like myself to get happily acquainted with Greek Fire while allowing their fans to reconnect with them like old friends at a class reunion.  I’m telling you, the world needs to know this band now!

“Orientation” starts off with a Black Sabbath(“Iron Man)-esque intro entitled “The Ride”.  “The Ride” is a rollercoaster of a song that offers many thrills and that feeling of anticipation as you’re waiting for the next turn on the ride.  The guitars pack such a freaking great punch and Phil Sneed(ex-Story Of The Year) sounds absolutely clean and polished on the vocals.   Mark Joseph Roth absolutely explodes on the bass especially at the bridge of the song.

“One Girl” has that 1990’s California Dreams vibe, except the song is turned up to 11.  This song talks about the empowerment of women via the story of the girl next door, the one that we all want.  The rhythm section will cause you to move and groove as Johnny Venus certainly shines on the drums, in particular during the second verse of “One Girl”.  Phil Sneed sounds especially powerful in his vocal range in the outro of the song.

America can celebrate again after finding out that Greek Fire is back swinging.  With this one, they crowded the plate, choked up on the bat, and swung for the fences, and hit that beautiful walk-off with “Orientation”.  Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10 stars.  It whets my appetite for their 2019 release entitled “Broken”.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  The Ride
  2.  One Girl
  3.  Running Away
  4.  Diana’s Car
  5.  Abandon Ship

Fans can find Greek Fire at the following locations:

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