In 2017, country music sensation Bryan James released the album entitled “Between The Devil And The Angel”.  It has charted in the top ten Billboard singer/songwriters, where Carole King, James Taylor, and Norah Jones were on the same list.  Bryan James has received the torch that The Highwaymen have passed to them and is bringing back the concept of outlaw country music.

In the current country music era where it literally all sounds boring and repetitive(glaring at you Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan), the arrangements and songwriting from one Bryan James makes us long for the days where Waylon, Willie, Johnny, and Merle were at the forefront of outlaw country music.  The arrangements are absolutely lovely and really enhance the story of each song.

Songs of reminiscing about the good old days of radio, old beat-up pickup trucks, and fishing are evident in the tracks “Back Of Your Memories”, “Old Fishing Pole”, and “Like They Used To”.  Bryan James excels at storytelling, which is a special science in the country music genre, and utilizes subtle arrangements such as the wail of steel guitar, and the strumming of the acoustic guitar to enhance that storytelling.  These songs are not only for Middle America, but for anyone who longs for those times when socializing consisted of going down to the dive bar or at grandma’s house instead of interacting through social media.  “It was a time when an amen meant something/and a handshake you could count on” croons Bryan James in a somewhat melancholic tone in “Like They Used To”.

Songs such as the title track and “Maybe I Am”, induce hand-clapping and toe-tapping, with that Bryan James attitude that we will become accustomed to.  “If that makes me an asshole in your eyes/Maybe I Am/If that’s the worst thing I get called today, then today is a pretty good day”, really showcases that Bryan James has taken that outlaw country flag and flying that flag proudly.

With “Between The Angel And The Devil”, Bryan James is going to help bring country music back to where it needs to be.  The days where the storytelling in the songs are timeless, the arrangements enhance the storytelling, and where the beer flows like water.  Madness To Creation rates this album a 9 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Between The Devil And The Angel
  2.  Story of Your Life
  3.  Drink A While
  4.  If It Ain’t Broke
  5.  Best of Your Memories
  6.  Back to Being Stoned
  7.  Old Fishing Pole
  8.  Like They Used To
  9.  Maybe I Am
  10.  The Truth
  11.  More to Life
  12.  Bible on the Table
  13.  In Stone
  14.  If You Don’t Want To
  15.  The Gift
  16.  Kiss Our Ass
  17.  Miles on My Soul
  18.  Every Now And Then
  19.  I’m Not Lost

Fans can find Bryan James at the following locations:

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